0SI Group Later Ventured Into Producing Value-added Protein Products

OSI Group has come a long way having a great history of prosperity and massive performance. This was pioneered by a network of expansions as well as joint ventures in numerous countries. The company began as a small retail butcher shop and was meant to serve the community members. Kolschowsky started the group after migrating to the United States in the year 1911 and later rebranded the business to include his family members, Otto & Sons. Due to its proficiency in business management, he expanded the business into a wholesale. After a decade, Otto & sons made an agreement with the McDonald’s restaurant to be the sole supplier of fresh ground beef. Otto & Son’s enterprise emerged or transformed from being a mere regional supplier and became the global figure.

In late 60’s, technology propelled the establishment of a stronger business relationship between McDonald’s and the Otto & Sons businesses. In 1973, it directed all its services to McDonald’s through technological advancement. After two years, the firm was rebranded to OSI Industries following its massive development from family retail butcher to a large scale manufacturer. In the process of its transition, Sheldon Lavin joined the company as a partner in the same year and later became the CEO in 1980’s. In the year 1977, OSI Group established a branch in Utah. Following the joint venture in Germany as well as Spain in the years 1978 and 1980 respectively, the enterprise became a multinational image. Not only did it operate in meat products, but also began a poultry processing business in the 20th century.

OSI Group later ventured into producing value-added protein products such as sausage and pizza. Most notably, in 2010, it established another branch in Japan and then in Asia-Pacific. Europe became the major contributor of OSI Group’s strategic development and product line expansion. This has been a significant growth that has bcome the most determinant to date. It has also led the group emerging as one of the greatest companies in the US. Consequently, it has been ranked number 56 as one of the largest private companies with an estimated sale of 6.1 billion dollars. Most importantly, OSI Group’s development history, that is, from being the ordinary butcher shop to global and multinational food providers, became possible due to the following parameters: greater customer relations, advancement in the technological paradigm as well as prior recognition expansion opportunities.

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