A Look into the Development of Slyce

Slyce is an advanced platform dealing in visual product search. It allows users to instantly purchase and identify items that they see in reality. It simply works by taking a picture with a smartphone.

Slyce exists both as a white label solution and as an independent consumer app that can be incorporated into the existing retailer technologies. By using a more advanced technology on image recognition on slyce that is available on a desktop application or on smartphones, Slyce is making it easier for retailers to be present at the exact point a consumer shows interest. Ultimately, Slyce is improving ways on how and when retailers do interact with their customers, and the ways that consumers go about searching for and purchasing goods.

Generally, entrepreneurs do look at business with a view on ways to improve and create better strategies on how to do things. During the 2011’s holiday shopping season, Slyce saw the dramatic development of smartphones. They ensured that these devices not only served as tools for directly purchasing goods by consumers, but as highly efficient devices for individuals to share with friends and loved ones the things that pleased them through posting images.

The founders became critical and asked themselves the ‘what if’ question: “What if we can make people capable of finding and instantly buying the things they admire simply by using images, and what if we take retailers to engage with clients at the exact time that they are inspired to make purchases?”

Erika Racicot alongside Cameron Chell founded Slyce. Cameron has been considered as one of the original creators of Application Service Provider, and original cloud computing firm, FutureLink. Recently, he cofounded the UrtheCast, which streams live HD footages of Earth from ISS. Therefore, he is used to bringing great ideas to life. These two entrepreneurs have also co-founded Business Instincts Group, which is a venture-creation firm.

The market opportunity of Slyce is undoubtedly immense. The M-commerce through the use of smartphones has turned out to be a major revenue flow and a basic consideration for retailers. During the holiday season, the mobile shopping accounted for an approximately 39% of all the online traffic. Through creation of a seamless and instinctual method for consumers to make discoveries and buy things that they come to admire, regardless of where they are, by simply snapping pics, Slyce has made the journey from admiration to possession of a product very simple and painless.

The firm principally takes an advantage of two dissimilar revenue streams aimed at pushing the business forward. They play on both business sides through taking both consumer standpoint and an enterprise solution. Currently, the team is expanding widely. Their needs over the coming days are aimed to be related to development and HR.

David McDonald is Changing the Food Production Industry

Mr. David McDonald commands a lot of respect in the food department. Many people know the businessman as one of the few personalities who have contributed so much to the growth and success of the OSI Group. At the moment, David has been given the position of chief operating officer and president of the OSI Group. Thanks to the amount of hard work he has invested in this company, the food processing firm is now one of the leaders in the international market. Running an international company that has so many branches in many parts of the world is not an easy task. The businessman has so many skills in leadership, and he knows the efforts he has to put so that a company is successful. His personal resume explains why he has been performing so well over the years.

David was born in a middle-class family several decades ago. When he was going to acquire his education, the businessman did not know that he was going to perform well in the food production department. The businessman went to study animal science at one of the prestigious university. After four years of hard work, the businessman graduated from the institution, having attained a degree in animal science. David performed so well in his studies, and this is one of the reasons he has led a great career life.

When OSI group was looking for professionals for various positions, David had just completed his education, and he was looking for a position to practice his skills. Because David had received so many awards while at the university, he managed to acquire a position at the OSI Group. The management of this firm knew that the businessman was hard working, and they knew that he was going to deliver the kind of results the people were looking for. The company has never regretted having David McDonald in the institution. Apart from being a top executive with a lot of dedication, the businessman has all the qualities of a corporate leader. When he joined the company many years ago, David was not working as the president. Several years later, he has been promoted to top and executive roles because he has all the qualities. OSI Group has managed to open different branches because of the excellent services it has been getting from David McDonald and other crucial personalities such as Sheldon Lavin. The firm has increased its services to consumers too.

OSI group info: www.crunchbase.com/person/david-mcdonald-7#/entity

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The Perfect Combination of Wainscoting and Chair Rails

With a chair rail molding, you can add an architectural interest in a space in the easiest and most cost-effective way.

More often than not, chair rails are paired with a modern wainscoting panel. But they can stand on their own too.

The question is what are the rules applied to chair rail and wainscoting installation – if any? The answer has to do with the purpose of such trimwork. What’s the reason for installing such moldings and panels? How are they related to the space?

IMG 1The reasons for wainscoting installation

It’s fair to say that a wall panel wainscoting will be paired with a chair rail – at least in most cases. And the reason for wainscoting the walls is to add an aesthetic appeal along with its traditional function, which is to protect the wall while concealing imperfections.

So, what we have here is a triple reason for wainscoting installation. And this is actually a good balance between function and aesthetics.

Therefore, it’s natural that there are so many options between styles, ranging from bead board to raised and flat wainscot panels. To take it a step further, there are many wainscoting solutions because people lately install these special wall panels everywhere – from staircases and foyers to bathrooms and dining rooms. And the higher the demand the greater the choices, including materials – which also range from the traditional wood panels to PVC.

What’s the purpose of installing a wall panel wainscoting?

Apart from the obvious aesthetical and practical purposes, a raised or flat panel must add some architectural interest. And this happens when it is installed at the right height and its style meets the aesthetics in a particular room.

IMG 2Chair rails serve similar needs

The chair rail design is the board covering the upper part of the beadboard. That’s how we associate with it. Traditionally, it meant to cover the wall at the height of chairs to provide protection. And here is where debates start. Some would tell you that the chair rail should be at 36” above the floor. Some would argue that chair rails should be installed approximately 24” over the floor. So, which are the rules regarding chair rail installation?

Chair rails with wainscoting or not?

If we are talking about installing a raised panel along with a chair rail, we are actually talking about the height of the wainscot. And this has to do with the ceiling’s height. But it also has to do with the visual effect you are after. Installing the wainscot and thus chair rail halfway up the floor might create a static effect. Installing it too high might make the room look smaller. Installing too low will seem too poor.

It’s all about proportions

When you walk into a room, it must feel right. There is a reason why rooms are designed in certain heights along with door openings. They are shaped with the human size in mind. So when we are talking about chair rails, they must be installed to offer the impression of right proportions.

IMG 3After all, what is the chair rail?

It’s a molding which separates the wall into two different parts. So, it’s all about proportion and scale. And so the rule is that there are no fixed rules. In contrast to the common belief, the ancient chair rails were installed at different heights, but always in proportion to the ceiling height. 10-ft ceiling rooms could have chair rails installed 24” but also 30” over the floor. And since they were often paired with wainscoting panels, these were either large or narrow too. Hence, the right proportion is not associated with just the room’s height but also has to do with the relation between moldings.

Scale & proportion must lead the way

The boards used to trim the house must relate to each other – from the crown molding to the baseboard. It is all about scale and proportion! And if you want to feel good in a room, it’s better to keep the chair rail and thus wainscoting a bit lower instead of a bit higher to avoid creating the impression of a stuffed space.

Now, why flat or raised panel wainscoting marries perfectly with chair rails? The truth is that a chair rail can stand on its own just to split the wall into two different sections. The trap is that it might only distract the eye without adding any interest to the architectural style of the room. So, it’s often best to marry the two to add more weight. If you want to keep them from distracting the eye, you can simply paint them in the wall color.

Meet the Elephant in Food Supply, OSI Industries

OSI Industries is one of America’s top 100 Food Companies that offers premium brand quality food services around the world. The company is a world-class food provider, which has several partnerships with prominent food solution companies as well as retail food brands.

OSI Industries provides exclusive food ideas that are well received around the world. It is ranked among the top 100 for its unique and exception provision of quality products and its career opportunities. With more than 20,000 employees, the company has changed many lives with the 65 facilities it runs across several countries.

Headed by Sheldon Lavin as the Chief Executive Officer, the story of OSI Group has been nothing success. Two years ago, in 2016, the company was the winner of the prestigious Globe of Honour Award, which was presented by the British Safety Council for exemplifying and portraying the best environmental risks management.

OSI Industries has the financial capacity to offer you limitless opportunities regarding sourcing, developing, producing or distributing custom food services like breakfast, lunches, entrées among others. With a passion for innovation and its dedication, the OSI Group family always is on the lookout for individuals with the right skill, fresh idea, and any other innovative solution. It posts relevant links on its website for those seeking for employment telling them to upload their resumes for consideration.

For many years, the company has banked on partnership investments to better their services and bring ideal food concepts to life. It is transparent and has measures that ensure product growth solution at incredible values.

The company has so far acquired three companies; Baho Foods, Tyson Food Plant, and Flagship Europe. The buying of the Tyson food plant in 2016, according to OSI, was to allow them to better their operations and meet the rapid demands of their customers.

By buying Baho Foods, which has customers in 18 European countries, OSI Group processing operations and dealings in those countries would further be strengthened. During the same year, the enterprise acquired Flagship Europe, which supplies poultry products, pies, food dressings among others. The venture was to expand the conglomerate and create more opportunities for better customer satisfaction.

OSI Group has been in existence for many years. It was first known as Otto and Sons. For more than six decades, OSI Group has provided food solutions to states around the world. Currently, it runs its facilities in 17 countries, most of which have been awarded in various categories.

The corporation has a reliable food chain system with a worldwide supply that guarantees the best customer experience. It safeguards the consumer’s brand and preserves the recommended standards of quality if not better.

Contact OSI Industries: www.indeed.com/cmp/Osi-Group

Equities First Holdings French Tribune

Reaching out to investors through providing loans can help grow the world of investment. People with business ideas seek to have a company that offers quick loan. Equities First Holdings gives credit to individuals as well as businesses. The firm started in Australia in the year 2002 by Al Christy Jr.

The company spreads its roots to many other countries in the United States, China, and the United Kingdom. The company is flourishing for more than fourteen years. The technicians have enough training to handle the modern systems used. The workers are hardworking and honest. Equities First Holdings offer margin loan to shareholders.

The performance of stocks and shares is the criterion we use to determine the amount of loan we can give. Apart from giving out credits, the firm has specialists who educate other business owners on how to settle the critical financial matters. The systems run for many hours every day to give ample time to serve the customers.

Read More: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equity_Group_Holdings_Limited

Find a Job You Love at CTCA – Job Openings

Instead of becoming irritated and bored with your current job, find a job that you’ll truly love at CTCA soon. They have many interesting job openings that pay well, give employees more say in their work and offer substantial benefit packages that other organizations often don’t offer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been around for decades providing superior and caring cancer care for all of their grateful patients. Now this splendid healthcare organization is currently hiring for new and exciting job positions that offer many outstanding healthcare and other stellar employee benefits plus a relaxed working atmosphere that generates a more positive health environment for both patients and the many dedicated employees.

If you or someone you know is interested in a job change that can be rewarding and offer exciting added benefits, don’t delay in getting your applications in as soon as possible. These fantastic job opportunities don’t come along often enough. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has long been a leader in progressive cancer treatments, daily care and ongoing state-of-the-art research trials. Many employees love working for such a forward-thinking organization that strives to constantly improve their already sensational cancer care by getting valuable insight from patients, employees and others in the cancer field.

The result is a surprisingly upbeat work atmosphere where employees feel free to voice their concerns and any personal ideas in making the work they do even better. This constantly improving healthcare group is fully invested in retaining the good employees that have been loyal to the company for many years. This operation gives employees many options for lateral or vertical career moves that keeps their job benefits and encourages them to pursue their further higher education goals knowing that they have a fantastic job waiting. Find out more by contacting CTCA soon.


Agora Financial is a private publishing company in Baltimore, Maryland that works in helping those in retirement to make informed choices on the less capital they have saved. Many people are not specialist in financial market; they cannot be able to predict how the direction of the market trend. People want to control the usage of their money on their own and don’t want to depend on investor groups which mainly wish to benefit from the commissions given. About Agora Financial it is a company that assists individuals in the financial market through publications, articles, newsletters, seminars, and documentaries which are free. The company currently has over a million readers who can manage and know how to build their wealth through the company.

They offer a variety of journals each enabling the reader to understand different companies which can assist an individual to develop their money. The journals also give tips to the readers on how they can get an income and protect the revenue they get in case of an unsteady economy crisis. The company ensures its users that they are not biased and not bribed into getting a client to obtain services for a specific firm. Unlike many companies, the employees in Agora company do not sit in an office and work there, but instead, they go to places far and wide to find excellent opportunities for their clients.

The company’s budget in traveling and research in a year can amount to more than 1 million dollars with the aim of looking for a good investment company for their clients. The company seems for good investment companies which have not already become a house name since such investment companies are mostly expensive and the investments made in such companies mainly go to early investors. They look for companies which embrace new ideas for clients to invest. The company employees comprise of a billionaire who built his wealth, a geologist trained in Harvard; bond experts acknowledged by the world a nominated journalist of Pulitzer price, three-time New York bestselling author, a filmmaker who has won many awards, a former banker to presidents and an ex-hedge fund manager.

OSI Industries Acquires the Flagship Europe Facility

OSI Industries; Leading Network Provider

There has been plenty of big food processing providers to hit the industry providers, but the OSI Industries Ltd., food group stands apart from others. Thousands of customers have been able to represent the OSI diet from their restaurants, grocers, and meat market. They were willing to adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by the food industry without sanctions and penalties like their competitors. Based in Aurora, Illinois, OSI proudly operates from over 55+ facilities in 16 countries. Their food services program is one of their most popular features.

OSI Industries; Acquires Major Food Giant

The EU food industry has fed thousands of families and continues to be a large food network. OSI Industries saw the benefits of partnering with their network and has acquired the Flagship Europe facility. They’ve been able to operate their largest food plant facility to process their restaurant condiments and frozen poultry. The deal has been a lucrative opportunity for the Europe food industry and has been estimated to be worth millions. The OSI deal with Flagship has also created thousands of job opportunities for local area residents. Furthermore, their partnership with the EU food market mimics that of their 20 year presence in China. To know more about the firm click here.

OSI Industries; Leadership Professional

David McDonald, professional business man and CEO of OSI, is also the recent recipient of the Global Visionary Awards for excellence. He was able to create over 2,000+ jobs to stop the threat of poverty in many impoverished areas. He understood the need to serve the communities they operate their facilities in by curbing international poverty. Their stockholders have been on board with his goals with assets totaling more than $65.4 billion dollars. David McDonald is a graduate of the University of Illinois School of Business with over 16 years experience in the food industry.

You’re invited to visit the exclusive OSI Industries website portal to learn how to apply for one of their unique job positions, information on their food contents, and their executive team. Join the OSI food family today and eat smart.

Learn more: http://www.foodprocessing.com/top100/profiles/osigroup/

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers

Posted on March 1, 2018 in Beauty Care

LimeCrime Diamond Crushers are the newest, latest trend in lipstick transformers. This line of lipsticks has six unique, super cool colors. One of the favorites of this lipstick is the glitter that it has to offer. Glitter and sparkles is popular among not only the younger generation but the mid to older generation as well. If you love everything to sparkle bright then you want to try out this fabulous new line of make-up. You can choose to wear this by itself or as a topper on your other lipsticks. This makeup is non-sticky which is a plus in this line of make-up. No one wants a sticky, gooey mess up makeup on their lips. If you are new to the glitter world then you should give this product a try. You won’t ever turn back after trying this out. Another great thing about this lipstick is the colors and style vary enough for everyone. If you are a more subtle person then this will work for you as there are more modest and subtle styles to make you feel comfortable and your own. If you have a loud personality then this also is perfect for you as there are very bright and bold glitter colors that will make your mouth pop. If you are headed to a party or getting together for the holidays these lipsticks will give you the perfect look to go out in. The tube that the lipstick comes in is very appealing. The whole top is a glitter top which will make anyone want to ask you what that is and where you got it from. You will be the hot commodity at any get together. So whether you want to look classy or be the sparkle of the party you can’t go wrong with the LimeCrime Diamond Crushers Lipstick. What better way to sparkle up your look than with a new product that defines the new you.

The Many Endeavors of OSI Group

The world is full of innovation. Every business of every field of work has some form of innovation within its DNA. The food service industry is no different as it displays some of the most advanced-technological innovations. There are a number of prominent foodservice suppliers in the world, but the United States is home to one of the absolute best. OSI Group is its name and providing the highest of quality food services is its game. The food supplier is head-and-shoulders above the competition. This company specializes in custom-food solutions, but it can develop and distribute a wide array of standard foods such as:

• Chicken Fried Steak

• Pot Roast

• Tofu

• Chili

• Soups

• Cooked Sausage Links

• Fruits

• Cheese

• Chicken Wings

• Beef Patties

• Pasta

• Panini

• Fresh Dough

• Pizza

• And numerous others

You won’t find another food supplier with this much capability as well as clout. There is well-over 100 years of history and heritage that courses through the company’s veins. Did you know that OSI Group was just a tiny meat market at one point in time? Yes, that’s right! OSI Group made a name for itself by supplying its statistical-area with great beef products. McDonald’s was one of its first high-profile clients. What other high-profile clients has the company worked with? OSI Group has worked with Burger King, KFC, Yum, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza and Subway.

Concept-to-table is what the company stands for because it can take your idea and then turn it into a reality. It doesn’t get much better than this and OSI Group does this on a consistent basis. In the end, OSI Group will probably be one of the world’s overall best food suppliers.

To know more click: here.

Ara Chackerian: The Future is Now

Ara Chackerian is a man who has his hands full these days. He is a businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is a man who started like many entrepreneurs before he did. He wasn’t sure if the obstacles to starting and maintaining a successful business were possible at first. He then put himself in a state where he can think things through and it ultimately paid off for him. Chackerian is a man who is determined to see things through until the end. The foundation for his success can be traced back to his childhood and now he is helping those who are in the same position today. Now he is talking about his life and a future trend that he sees having a big impact on society. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Ara Chackerian says that if he were to talk to younger entrepreneurs today he would strongly advise them to appreciate the differences that partners may have with each other. One idea from one person may be a good idea and another partner may not agree with that position and try to make the idea better. He says sometimes people just can’t get along with certain ideas. He has had experience in this particular arena. Finding the right partner ion an idea can make the experience of bringing it to life a much better on for all of the partners involved. Check out pinterest.com to see more.

Ara Chackerian says that his success in business is making sure that people come first. This is especially true in clinical psychiatry. He makes sure that the word gets out to people about HMS Health Service and what services they offer. Helping people is the key to an expanding business like HMS Health Services and why it has grown in the San Francisco area. The most up to date knowledge for the doctor and the patient is the most powerful thing in a profession such as this.

Chackerian is a man who has a positive outlook on life. If he can help one new entrepreneur get off the ground and into the business world that will mean everything to him and more.

Reference: https://www.flickr.com/photos/99952188@N04/