A Better Treatment Option for Lung Disease

When it comes to a lung disease, it seems like you don’t really have any options that can really help treat it. Traditional treatment typically just stops the symptoms which eventually return costing you both more time and money. Stem cell therapy, however, can treat the disease at the source of the symptoms rather than just alleviating them.

What exactly is stem cell therapy? First, you need to understand what stem cells are. According to the Baylor College of Medicine, stem cells are renewable cells which mean if they are placed next to other cells, they can replicate them and in turn will become a specific type of tissue or organ. The Lung Institute will collect the stem cells that are used in therapy from the patient’s own body. This is preferred because the stem cells from your own body have a much lower rate of being rejected.

The entire therapy process takes an average of 3 days. First, the stem cells will have to be collected from blood venous or bone marrow. Bone marrow contains more stem cells than your blood and is typically used in patients who have extensive damage that require a higher amount of stem cells. Blood venous is the more common method as it is easier to perform on the patient and is virtually painless.

Once the stem cells have been harvested, they will be filtered by a process that will separate the stem cells from other bodily cells. The collected stem cells will then be inserted back into the blood stream. As the blood circulates carrying the stem cells, they will reach the lungs. Here, a pulmonary trap will begin. The cells will begin the process of replicating surround healthy lung tissue.

The Lung Institute can treat patients who’ve just got a diagnosis or those who’ve had it for years. There are a number of conditions The Lung Institute can treat such as COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and emphysema. To learn more about other lung conditions that can be treated through this healthcare provider and how to find a facility closest to you go to https://lunginstitute.com/lung-diseases/copd/, https://lunginstitute.com/lung-diseases/ or https://lunginstitute.com/contact/.

The Lung Institute also offers events such as webinars and patient resources to help educate patients on treatment options and other related news in regards to lung healthcare. If you would like to schedule a consultation, feel free to contact patient coordinators who can help you find a location near you and set up an appointment.

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What is Madison Street Capital Doing Now?

Recently, Madison Street Capital, the international investment banking firm, played a key role in arranging a minority equity investment for ARES Security Corporation. This risk management company, offers security software solutions, specializing in p2p programs. The announcement of this investment came from Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital. The Senior Managing Director Reginald McGaugh was the leader in securing this investment.


McGaugh was proud that his investment firm had the opportunity to work with ARES on this transaction, a company that plays an important role in protecting the world’s most important assets. McGaugh said, “They have a superior management team and board who challenged us to identify the appropriate financing partner.” The President and Shareholder Ben Eazetta had mutual feelings of appreciate for Madison Street Capital. Eazetta also shared his remarks of mutual appreciation for the highly regarded investment banking firm.


“We truly appreciate the team at Madison Street Capital and all the work they completed for us in 2016”, said Eazetta. He was impressed with the entire process and how thorough it was. The beginning stages showed that Madison Street Capital was willing to work hard in order to get every aspect of this investment just right. The proper valuation and financial analysis was just as important in the process as finding the right financial partner to come on board. Eazetta was elated to announce that they were excited for the future and their new capital structure.


Corbel Structured Equity Partners was the perfect match, and their flexibility and willingness to work with them on all aspects of the financing was an easy and comfortable transition. It is transactions like this and the history and performance of Madison Street Capital that make it the success it is, and uphold the Madison Street Capital reputation that is so highly regarded in the marketplace.


Betsy DeVos Disputes Transgender Bathroom Bill, Agrees When She Sees The Bigger Picture

Betsy DeVos has been involved with the United States educational scene for quite a while now. Long before she was elected as the Education Minister of the United States of America, Betsy was fighting for education rights and revolutionizing the education industry as a whole. Her more well-known encounters would be when Betsy was at the forefront of the School Charter Movement. Under this, Betsy fought to establish a better education system for future generations of the country by increasing the quality of teaching in schools all over the country. She believes that all students all over America have the right to quality education, such which is provided only in private schools. Her argument was for using taxpayers funds to get public schools up to the level of private schools.

Ever since becoming the Education Minister of the United States of America, Betsy has been receiving a lot of light for her opinions and views regarding the education system in the country, and the reforms she wishes to make, being in the position of power. The most recent event that steered abundant media attention in her favor was when President Trump decided to revoke the bill allowing transgender students to use a bathroom of their choice in public schools. The bill was put into place during the tenure of Obama, which was passed for the purpose of allowing transgender students an opportunity to be more comfortable with their identity. According to nytimes.com, the revocation of this rule was caused by a serious debate regarding the safety and privacy of other students.

Reports have suggested that initially, Betsy was against the idea of revoking the bill. She was of the opinion that withdrawing the bill which steered up much attention when it was passed would hurt transgendered students, subjecting them to more social misappropriation than what they would like to receive. However, she decided to then side with the majority and vote for the bill to being passed due to the overall ripple effect keeping the bill would have on the educational system in the country.

In the past, Betsy DeVos has helped numerous educational organisations for the betterment of students and the overall society. She has provided numerous scholarships to students who come from underprivileged backgrounds to pursue a better education by going to private schools. She believes that implementing all these measures will put the state of education in America in a better stance than it already is. Along with her husband, the couple founded the DeVos Family Foundation. The organisation is one which strives to help schools, educational institutions and students who show exemplary talents. By providing numerous scholarships, the organisation aims to help the community by developing well rounded students who can excel in life.

Read more: http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/topic/excellence_in_philanthropy/interview_with_betsy_devos

The Capital Group Under New Chairman Leadership

The business world has made a significant shift in how many companies handle daily operational tasks. While there are numerous reasons for the shift in the business world regarding how daily operations are handled, one of the main reasons has been the rapid increase in technology innovations over the past few decades. The technology innovations have allowed companies to integrate various technologies into core aspects of company operations.

With the integration of various technology innovations, companies have been able to move from traditional methods of conducting daily tasks to using automation in many instances with technology. A particular industry that has benefited from the use of technology is the investment industry. The industry has been able to utilize technology to allow many investment companies to use technology such as mobile devices to help people access investment information, purchase investments, or utilize investment services.

In many ways, technology has made investments accessible to many people that would probably not be able to get access to various investment related information or services without the aid of technology. Although technology plays a primary role in the investment industry today, many people still look to investment companies for most of their investment needs.

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An investment company that is popular in the investment industry is the Capital Group. The company helps people with a variety of investment related needs. Tim Armour is the chairman of the Capital Group. Tim Armour has over three decades of investment related experience that provides him with a wealth of investment knowledge and expertise. In addition to his experience, Tim Armour has proven himself as an effective executive in the various positions he has held at the Capital Group.

Timothy Armour took over as chairman at the Capital Group after the death of the former chairman Jim Rotherberg. Tim Armour is well known in the investment industry, and his executive skills are respected throughout the investment industry.

Learn more about Timothy Armour: https://www.ft.com/content/28953b12-dccb-11e6-86ac-f253db7791c6

Caring Team of Anesthesiologists

Capitol Anesthesiology offers many services as well as dedicate a great deal of time to the community. They have 80+ physicians, over 130 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and have so many convenient locations all over Austin, Texas. They truly believe in keeping the anesthetic process simple and safe and their customer service skills are of the highest standards.

The official website offers a view of many of the physicians that belong to Capitol Anesthesiology as well as all the CRNA’s. Being able to connect a face to a name makes the process more comfortable for patients.

They offer three types of anesthesia that are sure to take care of almost any surgical procedure. Any payments that need to be made can also be conveniently done right on the website.  Based on crunchbase.com.

Lastly, they are involved with seven different non-for-profit organizations around the Austin area. It’s wonderful to observe the organization care so much about it’s community.

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Igor Cornelsen Has Tips for Making Investments in Brazil


Brazil is one of the biggest countries in the world. It is also the biggest economy in Latin America and seventh largest in the world. Recently the country has been facing economic challenges on Facebook just like most of the countries in the world. Making an investment in Brazil can bring either success or loss, but with a clear understanding of the market, you can make million dollars from a venture. Igor Cornelsen is among the leading bankers in the country. Recently he wrote an article with tips on how to invest in Brazil. The article was published in on CNBC and here below are some of the investment tips he provided.

Interact with Natives

Brazil is one of the countries where there are a lot of people in business at https://www.jusbrasil.com.br/topicos/64228355/igor-cornelsen. A recent study indicated that one of every four Brazil residents between the ages bracket of 18 to 65 earns their daily living through business. By ensuring that you connect with these people, you will have high chances of succeeding in every industry you invest. Companies need each other as a source of raw materials, labor, and capital.

Be ready for everything

According to Igor Cornelsen, the Brazil market is under strict regulations, which sometimes arise unexpectedly. Having a plan and conducting a comprehensive research before making an investment in the country is highly recommended on wikidot.com. Investors who risk making an investment without knowing everything about business in Brazil risk losing their money.

Understand Restrictions on Foreign Currency

Another tip that Igor Cornelsen stated is that following the currency exchange should be a prerequisite of every aspiring to make investments in Brazil. Each currency has its value, and it should not be confused with other. People who don’t have all information about currency exchange in the country risk suffering losses.


Brazil being one of the biggest world economies has attracted lots of investors to invest in the country. It seems that chances of businesses succeeding are quite high. The above are some of the tips you should put into consideration before making investments in Brazil. There are other tips, but the above are some of the most important.

Sam Boraie: Redeveloping New Brunswick in New Jersey

During the 1970s New Brunswick became blighted and dangerous because the middle-class residents moved to newer areas surrounding the city. Today, the city has developed to have several examples of urban renewal in the United States. New Brunswick (https://local.yahoo.com/info-11014537-boraie-realty-new-brunswick) is currently experiencing an unprecedented wave of growth and investment that has transformed the once falling city into a thriving urban center. The city is supporting smart growth by offering an assortment of affordable types of housing: high-rise, single-family, and low-rise residential. New Brunswick is also encouraging a mixed-use development where jobs, services, and housing are in proximity to each other.

One of the investors who are to receive credit for the revitalization of this city is Sam Boraie’s father, Omar Boraie. Omar Boraie established the family real estate business after emigrating from Egypt in the 1970s. He started a small City-based real estate firm and grew to become a major redevelopment company that works in New Brunswick, Atlantic City, and Newark. View his full profile on crunchbase.com.

Mr. Omar Boraie saw a great potential in New Brunswick four decades ago. The majority of people doubted his dream of rebuilding New Brunswick with high-rise condo like those in New York. Today his vision of Brunswick is materializing, and people no longer think he is crazy.

According to his crunchbase page, Sam Boraie is the vice president of Boraie Development, LLC, a New Jersey-based premier development company that has spearheaded the development of several properties in the city. Sam Boraie has carried on his father’s legacy and continues to redevelop New Brunswick. Under Sam Boraie’s leadership, Boraie Development Company has garnered a solid reputation of providing exceptional services that focus on the urban real estate market. The firm focuses on three areas namely: real estate development, property management, and sales/marketing.

The company deals with the development of commercial, retail and residential properties. Some of its notable projects are the Albany Street Plaza, One Rector Street, One Spring Street, Milltown Ford Avenue Redevelopment and The Estates at Waverly Place. In 2015, the company opened the leasing center of the Aspire building to summer occupancy. The Aspire is Boraie Development’s newest luxury rental tower situated at the center of New Brunswick.

The world-class residential building was built to accommodate the city’s rising population of young tenants who want to blend in modern design with convenience. The Aspire is located a few steps from the New Brunswick train station and is close to Saint Peter’s University Hospital, Rutgers University’s Downtown-City Center and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. It features 238 residential units, a modern fitness center and an indoor and outdoor club.

It is also fitted with unique floor plans, gourmet kitchens, large closets, among other high-end features. There is a convenient concierge system that lets occupants pay rent online, receive messages concerning visitors and deliveries and stay updated on community event like shows at theaters.

Read More: http://www.njbiz.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20161220/NJBIZ01/161219963/developer-waseem-boraie-debunks-5-myths-about-doing-business-in-ac-after-breaking-ground-on-81m-project&template=mobileart

Securus Not Afraid to Challenge GTL to go on a Technology Bake Off

Security is one of life’s basic necessities. Courtesy of companies such as Securus Technologies, insecurity in most parts on North America, has reduced. Securus has been collaborating with correctional and security departments in order to prevent crimes and also, they have been instrumental in investigations and providing evidence to put criminals behind bars.


For sometimes Securus has been GTL’s biggest competitor- note that this is not the other way round. I could have said that they have been giving GTL a run for their money, but GTL seems to lack the motivation to better their processes and products. Instead, when they see that the gap between the two companies has increased, they rush online and try to ruin the compay’s reputation. And this fails every time. For some time Securus let them be. But now that GTL shamelessly said that they could be matched with Securus, in all capacities, Securus had to get back.


In January, 2013, Securus Chief Executive Officer, Rick. A. Smith, decided to make a press release that was posted on PR Newswire. He challenged GTL to a competition where a neutral independent judge would compare both companies.


The judge would be judging on four criteria with the first being customer service. According to Securus, GTL would never win in the competition. They already have built the biggest and most technologically advanced call center. Also, they have acquires thousands of customer service agents. This is all while GTL is still outsourcing its customer service function.


Other criteria that will be used, if GTL accepts the invite to a bake off, will include the extent of customer telephone communication technology, platform efficiency in terms of capital and costs and the number of products included in the portfolios of both companies.



Kim Dao’s Lifestyle and Beauty Tricks to Help you Keep out the Cold

What started out as a simple recording of a trip to Japan eventually led to a full-blown blogging-based career for Kim Dao. Kim blogged about the trip and documented it online, and the response motivated her to deliver more. Today, Kim Dao is a top blogger, YouTuber and social media expert on travel, fashion, and beauty with millions of followers.



As an excellent communicator, Kim Dao leverages the power of social media and technology to grow her followers. This has attracted the attention of several mainstream brands she now works with such as Amore Pacific, Liz Lisa, and numerous others. She uses interactions with her audience to focus on topics that enable her to grow her social media following rapidly. She has also been featured on television, print and digital media in Japan and Australia.



Kim Dao’s lifestyle topics are engaging and passionate, for instance, did you know that your skin gets drier during winter? In addition to keeping hydrated, use a moisturizing product on your skin to prevent unnecessary dryness which adds to the discomfort induced by the cold weather. Thermal wear, a cutting edge technology fashion wear that traps body heat within the fabric air fibers, is also a comfortable and easy way to keep your body from losing heat during cold weather.



Tired of the cold? Check out Kim Dao’s YouTube channel for inspired lifestyle, beauty and fashion tips such as here for ingenious ways to take care of the cold without breaking the bank or trading your daily comfort. Did you know that your exposed hands increase your chances of feeling cold? Luckily, products such as hand-warmers and moisturizing hand lotion are perfect for that. Leave the bulky, uncomfortable gloves at home. Follow Kim, and see exactly which products she uses and get expert advice on how to get the best value out of them.

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Water Quality Statement Issued by Squaw Valley for the Upper Mountain

After a recent issue with the water quality of the Squaw Valley, California upper mountain area, Squaw Valley issued a statement regarding the testing and remediation being performed at the site.


The detection of E. coli and coliform bacteria in the drinking water of the upper mountain. Wesely Nicks, the current director of Placer County Environmental Health stated that the water has been treated regularly since the report was made. Since then, testing has shown that none of the four wells used in the area currently have no E. coli, however three of the wells are showing low levels of coliform bacteria. Both coliform bacteria and E.coli can pose threats to humans at certain levels.


Restaurants in the area have been closed and will remain so until the issue is resolved. People in the area have been warned to not drink the water, however, no health issues have been reported to date. The ski resort remains open for skiing. skiers and visitors to both High Camp and Gold Coast within the resort are being given free bottled water and continued access to all facilities until the water quality improves.


According to the statement, it appears a rain storm that was larger than normal caused the water system to become overwhelmed and the contamination occurred. The event was limited to a single water system, one of several systems. None of the others were affected. The Squaw Valley Public Service District, as well as Placer County, are continuing to cooperate in order to resolve the issue quickly and safely.