Dick DeVos Proves That American Values Are Still Alive And Well

Beginning his illustrious career in the family business in 1974, Dick DeVos spent 30 years at Amway, where he held various positions. Dick excelled as Vice President of International Markets, tripling international sales and developing new markets for Amway products. From 1991 to 1993, DeVos took a break from Amway to work in other family business; he served as CEO of the Orlando Magic basketball team. Next came at stint at Alticor, the parent company of Amway. Currently, DeVos serves as President of The Windquest Group, an investment management firm. Dick DeVos is a member of the Board of Directors of Spectrum Health System, the Michigan State Chamber of Commerce and Willow Creek Association. He is Chairman of the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan and a member of the Board of Trustees for the Thunderbird School of Global Management and the Health Care Foundation as well.

I’ve long admired Devos’ distinguished career at Amway, however, I believe that DeVos’ role as President of The Windquest Group is where DeVos will make a difference for the environment. The Windquest Group provides funding for ElectraTherm, a company that produces generators that turn waste into electricity, and Boxed Water, a firm that sells water in packaging that is kinder to the environment. DeVos and his wife also helped fund a pollution study to determine the sources of E. coli in Lake Macatawa.

Another example of how Dick DeVos effectively combines his interests is his interest in aviation and school choice. Devos believes that children in poorly performing school districts deserve a choice; Dick is also an accomplished helicopter pilot. DeVos and his wife founded a tuition-free charter high school, the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which features a rigorous educational program and aviation training. DeVos also served on the Michigan State Board of Education from 1990 to 1992.

Rediscovering American Values” by Dick DeVos explains the business tycoon’s philosophy; simple values, such as compassion, honesty and hard work, not only improve a person’s life, they encourage career success. It’s rare to find someone so successful, both in his business and personal life, who practices what he preaches.

Madison Street Capital; a Global Leader in Investment Banking

The phrase investment banking is not new to many who are in the corporate world. However, some people may have heard it mentioned time and again but never known what it means. Similarly, some may have dealt with an investment banking institution but still never fully understood the range of activities such institutions undertake. Such is the complexity of the corporate world to the ordinary folk. For this reason, it will do good to note that the phrase refers to a specialized type of banking business that deals with the creation of capital for use by other companies.

A company that offers investment banking services is referred to as an investment bank. It helps in the sale of securities and reorganization, mergers as well as acquisitions among others. It is impossible to talk conclusively about investment banking without mentioning Madison Street Capital (MSC). A global leader in this field, MSC is an international investment banking company with offices in different continents of the world including North America, Asia and Africa. It is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and provides a wide range of services to other companies. These services range from corporate advisory, business valuation, financial opinions, valuation for financial reporting, asset management industry focus and financial opinions to a variety of businesses, whether privately or publicly held.

Founded in 2005, MSC has grown to become a global leader in investment banking. It has advised some of the leading corporations in the world. Its rise is credited to sound business culture which includes good corporate governance and hard work. Moreover, the firm prides itself of some of the best trained and experienced professionals who work tirelessly to ensure that the company achieves its set goals and objectives.

For MSC, once a client comes to the firm, their problem becomes the problem of the firm whose professionals work tirelessly to ensure the best and the soundest outcome for the client. This has had the effect of earning it unrivaled reputation in the world in its areas of operation. It is worth noting that MSC is specifically a middle market investment company.

In addition to building strong businesses within different communities across the United States, MSC is also involved in philanthropy supporting various organizations. One such organization is United Way that has, with the support of MSC, been able to improve lives of many in different states of the US by helping families gain financial stability, helping children from less privileged families access quality education among others.

Indeed, Madison Street Capital is not only a global leader in investment banking but also in many other frontiers such as concern for the community, a clear indication that the firm is committed to offering quality services and solutions to problems of diverse members of the society.

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The Proactive Approach to Online Reputation Management

The average small business owner or major corporation does not give much thought to their online reputation until something happens to send their company into a tailspin. A company employee or the business owner spots negative reviews about the company or service. Everyone goes into instant panic mode. They are frantically searching for a way to turn all the negative information around. Today, it is important that every small business to major corporation to take the proactive approach to online reputation management. Here are a few tips courtesy of Online Reputation Reviews.
Get Social

The surprising fact that most companies seem to ignore is that social media is taking over. People pay attention to the information that they see on social media sites and gather their conclusions based on the information they’ve read on sites like Twitter or Facebook. It is also important to realize that major review sites like Yelp play a large part in creating a negative or a positive online reputation. Consequently, it is important for every business online to take control of their profile on those sites. Start by creating a page on all the top social media sites. This step will build a positive reputation with followers.

Bad Reviews

Don’t respond negatively to any bad reviews posted by others. Reacting in an unprofessional way simply adds more negativity to a bad situation. Consider the negative reviews a great opportunity for your company to respond and give the company’s side of the story and link to positive information about the company. Bad reviews are also a learning experience for the company. Those negative reviews might show the company areas that require immediate improvement.

Satisfied Customers


A lot of companies go to the extreme and pay for positive reviews. The fact is that this only adds to the negativity that is perceived by outside sources. Instead, ask satisfied customers to leave a positive review of the company’s products or service. Make it difficult for the customer to ignore the message. Make the request very personal and include a link to several places to leave positive reviews. Afterwards, take the time to personally thank the customer with an email for their positive reviews.


Bury Bad Articles & Heal Your Reputation

What the heck does a person have to do to take back their name and bury bad articles found on the web? According to the online reputation management firm, Bury Bad Articles, the method isn’t all that difficult, if you have time on your hands.

Quite simply, other than begging and pleading with Google to delete the offending content, which will never happen, creating new content to contradict the negative news will suppress bad articles found in search engines. Banishing bad articles definitely sounds straightforward and simplistic, yet there is more to the technique than meets the eye, and this approach is tedious and time-consuming, but its the only way to bury bad articles.

Saying Sorry Isn’t Enough

In 2009, a Dominos Pizza employee posted a damaging video on YouTube that portrayed a co-worker stuffing cheese up his nose, then placing that same cheese on a pizza. Needless to say it went viral and in just three days became the online poster child for Dominos. The video became the top five in search results, and negative commentary and reviews took over Dominos previous glowing results. Sure, the franchisee issued a sorry youtube video which garnered about 15,000 views, but the original nasal cheese-stuffing video pulled in over a million views. Instead of an action plan that included fresh content to bury the negative content, that franchise closed just five months later.

Can you really push negative news down in the search engine, past the first few pages? Yes, but suppressing negative articles require an enormous amount of fresh content, and Google requires authentic, news worthy narratives that appears valuable to others. What could be valuable? Press Release that detail what you’ve been doing, what you’re going to do, or even re-capping an old press release with a few new details. Perhaps you should consider blogging about everyday opportunities or how-to articles. In any case, content should benefit your objective, and be a valuable source of information so that Google moves it to the first page, thereby suppressing the bad articles. The point is good content allows you to control your online message.

Like it or not, Bury Bad Articles says we live and work in a fish bowl and our audience can be fickle. Loving you one minute and hating you the next, and that’s why reputation management is so vitally important. Bury Bad Articles uses content creation as a primary tool for pushing down negative news in the search engines. Their strategy always aligns with the company’s brand while generating multiple formats of content.

What Makes Investment Banking Unique, According to Martin Lustgarten

There are many types of banks in the banking industry. While people can usually find a bank that can provide their desired banking services, some people have certain types of banks that they prefer. One of the types of banks that many people prefer regarding banking services is investment banks.

The structure of investment banks is different than most other banking types in the banking industry. Investment banks are structured in a manner that makes investment banks unique. The type of banking services provided by investment banks can be highly specialized. This is why certain types of clients tend to look for investment banks to form a banking relationship with on a long term basis.

One type of client that tends to prefer investment banks is corporations. In some ways, the very structure of investment banks fits almost perfectly with the needs of corporations whether large or small. The ability to fit the needs of clients such as corporations is an ideal situation that many clients find very appealing.

Moreover, the structure of investment banking is designed with three banking areas. Each area is designed to provide a certain type of banking services. In addition, each area has many banking options. This allows clients to be able to choose very specific banking services. Also, the banking services can be provided in various ways to accommodate the particular needs of different clients.

The structure of investment banks is unique and this sets investment banks apart from other banking types in the banking industry. Also investment banks have an organizational structure that is different than most other banking types. One of the main positions in investment banks that make the banks different than most other banks is the investment banker. This position within the investment bank plays a key role in almost every aspect of investment bank operations.

Martin Lustgarten is a popular investment banker. He is known for being able to build client lists and provide superior investment banking services. Martin Lustgarten has been an investment banker for many years. However, he took his experience as an investment banker and started his own investment banking firm, which has grown his status in the investment banking field.

The investment banking firm that Martin Lustgarten started is Lustgarten Martin. He manages the daily business operations for the firm. Also, he makes the business deals, provides many of the client services, and handles client responsibilities.

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Doe Deere In Draws An Unexpected Artist Fan

Contemporary society is, in a sense, often about what is new and what is different. People today are often looking for brand new ideas and new means of self expression. This is true in many fields. It is particularly true in the field of fashion. Fashion today is all about staying ahead of the curve and being able to show insights into what may change from one week to the next. This is why makeup and fashion expert Doe Deere was probably a bit startled and perhaps even amused to find that her own artistic voice was very much on display recently in the work of someone else. Artist Richard Price she had done on Instagram and quickly copied it. Her image of herself with a doll made to look like her caught his eyes. He used this image to fashion his own print without giving her credit for the initial idea.

Fashion Inspiration

Given her own ability to place her fingers on the pulse of fashion, Deere was not surprised on some level to find out that she had helped inspire someone else. Her own life and career are very much about such inspiration. She is all about being able to reach out to others and demonstrate the utter power that is possible to find in using fashion imagery of all kinds. As she shows to her many Instagram fans, anyone today can use color and fashion to help them fuse a look that is going to be unique and attract attention from those who love fashion. She runs Lime Crime, her own makeup company, with this aim in the front of her mind. Lime Crime is about being out there in the contemporary world with makeup.

A Love Of Fashion

Lime Crime is also about being able to experiment and demonstrate an ability to be in the moment when it comes to color. As such, she is able to put out images on the site that are seen by others and liked by many. She uses color in large doses in her makeup, and shows others how they can easily do that same thing right in their own homes. This is why she can reach out to fans. They see her and realize that she is also artist as well as someone who selling high quality makeup. Her vision rings true to many of her worldwide adoring fans.

For more details about Doe Deere and Lime Crime visit www.doedeere.com.

Securus Technologies Responding To An Industry Incident

Posted on July 20, 2016 in Securus, Service

Over the last 25 years Securus Technologies has been able to offer inmates and facilities around North America with the ability to communicate with friends and families utilizing their state of the art technology. Several years ago, the team at Securus Technologies has executed a growth plan to see them stretch far beyond their capabilities at the time. This growth plan consisted of purchasing products and services that would complement their existing product and service packages. Securus Technologies wants to solidify itself as the industry leader in Criminal and Civil Justice Technology Solutions.

In 2015 alone they purchased a company called CellBlox which allowed them minimize the quantity of wireless contraband within jails and prisons. CellBlox is the leader in Managed Access Systems which will further stabilize Securus Technologies position within the industry. To further their product options, Securus Technologies launched the ConnectUs Operating system. This operating system is known as the industry’s first inmate facing operating system, giving the inmates unlimited options when it comes to various applications as well as automating critical operations for correction agency staff. This helps protect the facility and the rest of the population while still providing the inmate with necessary services inside the jail.

In recent months a wrong doing was discovered within the industry by the Louisiana Public Service Commission who discovered that a company by the name of Global Tel Link was unlawfully advancing call clocks, artificially inflating charges, double billing, overcharging and as a result cost the Louisiana taxpayer in excess of a million dollars. This wrongdoing should not be tolerated within the industry according to Richard A. Smith the CEO of Securus Technologies. Over the next several months Securus Technologies will be releasing additional information within various press releases.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Wen Presents Hair Care Products that Provide Results

The great thing about Wen hair care products is that the conditioner is for everyone. There are people that have become accustomed to using this hair care product line because it is among the best on the market today.
Wen has reigned as one of the stellar products for the hair care industry because it has been defined as a product line that works for curly, straight and frizzy hair. It has become evident that Wen is the product that is used regardless of whether you have thick and thin hair.

Many people have become fans of the Wen products because the leave in conditioner is designed to revitalize hair. People that check out the Bustle website will have access to a review by Emily McClure. They also visit the Wen YouTube channel and watch the testimonials for the product. McClure has checked out the brand and given a review of the Wen cleanser that may be very beneficial to many people. That may be the main thing that has made people start looking into what Wen has been doing. This brand has emerged as a delightful product that is linked to hair growth and strengthening. This is the ideal product for anyone that may be trying to get glossy and shining hair.

The great thing about the Bustle review is the pictures that are given with the tips. This has made people appreciate the hard work that Emily McClure put into reviewing this product. They get the chance to see her hair in different stages after she has utilized the product.

A wide range of people are going to benefit from products like the cleansing conditioner. This is a product that has become an Amazon best seller. It is designed to give many women the luxurious hair that they desire. This is a product that adds body to hair.

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Highlight On IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is a leader in the provision of professional and technical services, facilities management and global scale logistics. The company has employed more than 1,600 workers who are located in over 20 countries around the globe. Over the years, IAP has been providing solutions to the demanding challenges faced by consumers in the private and public entities.

The company has the required expertise to plan, organize and undertake technical and logistical challenges. IAP manages and runs military installations, research laboratories located in remote areas and civilian facilities. In order to provide support to its workforce flexibility needs, IAP Worldwide Services delivers technology, program management and people. The company has been existence for more than 6 decades. Over these years, the company has created a reputation for being responsive and reliable leader in the market in terms of meeting and surpassing customer expectations.

IAP has managed to stand out because it adopts its customer’s mission as its own besides channeling its passion and experience towards creating innovative solutions and tangible results. At IAP, the corporate responsibility is defined by how the entity treats everyone including the employees and customers. The company has been engaged in many corporate social responsibilities as a means of giving back to the society.

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In order to enhance the success of its services, IAP utilizes a combination of integrated capabilities with the objective of ensuring that the government of the United States is able to fulfill many missions. The company is always ready to handle different challenges inherent in the global environment. IAP provides a variety of services, which include expeditionary infrastructure, government services, power solutions besides IT and communication services as well as aviation and engineering solutions.

The company’s mission is to deliver results that exceed customers’ expectations by taking consumers concerns and owning the same. The leadership of IAP is committed to serving the customer, the workforce and the society with utmost ingenuity and purpose. The corporation believes in partnering with a broad range of business that seek to add value to their services. At IAP, ethics is upheld as employees comply with all standards. This way, consumer problems are solved in a smart and efficient manner. The corporation uses government contract vehicles to share its ingenuity, expertise and commitment with the defense, agencies involved in national security and the government. Ingenuity and purpose are the two key drivers of IAP services. IAP guarantees to deliver on every challenge.

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Securus Technologies App Makes Inmate Visits Easier And Convenient

Posted on June 14, 2016 in Video App

The Video Visit mobile app by Securus is another offering by Securus Technologies in their quest to ‘Serve and Connect’. The app provides a way for family and friends to visit their loved ones who are incarcerated in an easier and more convenient way. This is according to the Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at the firm, Russell Roberts. In the past, family and friends who wanted to visit their loved ones behind bars did not have a choice on how to participate in the visits. Securus, therefore, went ahead to make the necessary investment to see to it that more options are available in the visitation process. The Securus Video app provides consumers with the mobility they have come to enjoy from the company regardless of jails and prisons. The app makes visitation more convenient for everyone involved.

Visit  the wikipedia page at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securus_Technologies.

The app is a way for family and friends to share memorable moments such as birthdays, bedtime stories and football practices. This can be done from anywhere on the globe through Android and iOS devices. The ability to conduct video visits using mobile devices ensures that the moments are enjoyed even by those who cannot be there physically for the moments. The Securus Video Visit application is available for download on Google Playstore and the Apple App Store. The application offers users more features that include the ability to sync visit details to calendars, test the connection speed for optimal video quality and receive notifications about upcoming visits. By making use of Android and Apple devices, the app eliminates the need for tethered computers, webcams, and other associated hardware.


Securus Technologies has worked its way to becoming an industry leader in the provision of technological solutions, working with agencies in the civil and criminal justice departments. The solutions seek to cater for public safety, corrections and monitoring, investigations and biometric analysis. The products by the firm are in use in over 3,450 facilities in North America and enjoyed by over 1.2 million inmates in the U.S. More info posted on BBB.org.


The firm specializes in the provision of various products and services which include public safety solutions, investigative solutions, monitoring solutions and corrections solutions. Securus Technologies makes it possible for you to connect with your loved ones who are incarcerated through calls, email or video visitation. So download the app today and enjoy the services the company has to offer.

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Or visit http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-presents-to-over-400-prisonjail-customers-since-grand-opening-of-technology-center-300260314.html.