Victoria Doramus Biography

Victoria Doramus started her career after graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2006, which is where she earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism. She then went on to get in education in contemporary design at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in 2013. During her career, Doramus has served as a freelance writer and worked on several books over the years.

An interest in spotting and predicting market trends is what led to Doramus’ decision to work in the marketing field. She specializes in fashion, design and lifestyle products in a range of markets, and she has achieved impressive results for her employers. She has also worked as an assistant media planner, trend analyst, and personal assistant for film director Peter Burg.

Doramus has remained humble despite her massive success in the corporate and entertainment industries and has displayed a strong desire to give back to those in need. She has become involved in several charities in an effort to improve the lives of those who need help the most. The Amy Winehouse Foundation, Room to Read and the Best Friends Animal Society are just a few of the charities she supports.

She has also contributed to the Women’s Prison Association. Doramus is a talented and motivated individual who is passionate about her work and always looks for ways to improve herself and those she proudly serves. As far as many people are concerned, it’s Doramus’ desire to support people who would otherwise not have access to help that makes her stand out from the rest of the herd. Learn how Victoria overcame her addiction here.

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Brightline Brings Travel Innovation With The Help Of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group has been helping innovative companies achieve their goals of growth since they were founded in 1998. The company has made innovations in the industry itself, one of which being going public on the New York Stock Exchange. The large-scale private equity firm was the first company of its kind to introduce an initial public offering in 2007.

The global investment management firm directs the assets of more than 1,750 investors worth more than $43 billion. Fortress Investment Group manages these investments through hedge funds, private equity, and permanent capital vehicles that focus on bringing returns with long-term goals. Their decades of experience have allowed the company to have a lot of knowledge when it comes to mergers and acquisitions and has developed relationships with valuable key players in several different industries.

Fortress Investment Group started with around #400 million to almost $4 billion in just the first five years after their founding. Initially, their investments were mainly in the real estate sector until they expanded their portfolio into both hedge funds and debt securities. From 1999 until 2006, they grew by almost 40% with their private equity funds.

One of the interesting and innovative companies that are part of the extensive portfolio of Fortress Investment Group is the private rail system Brightline. Currently, Brightline offers routes that can quickly take their clients from 3 different cities around the state of Florida. While currently only Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach are the only destinations, there are plans to include Orlando as a stop in the near future.

Passengers’ time on Brightline isn’t like typical transit systems, they offer amenities such as power outlets, USB charging ports, and even complimentary wifi that is included with the cost of the ticket. Unlike public transit, the Brightline seats are made out of leather with wide aisles and offer food service to their customers.
Even with all of the different amenities that Brightline offers, the most important aspect is how much time and frustration is being saved by their customers. With the planned expansion to Florida, the trip is expected to take less than two hours.

A Look At The Career Successes of Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus of Sao Paulo, Brazil has started two major companies. After earning his college degree in business administration he co-founded CVC Brasil Operadora. They opened this tour company in 1972 and it began its life as a small agency. His business partner, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, left after a few years and Guilherme Paulus became the key figure growing this business into what it is today. How he made his company very competitive was by offering more products than any other tour operator, well beyond what traditional travel packages offer to tourists. See Related article at to learn more.

Today CVC is the largest tour operator in Latin America. Up through 2009, it was a privately held company and when he sold all it besides 8% to the global investment firm Carlyle Group that year he made $750 million. Because of the work Guilherme Paulus put in CVC locations can be found in 400 Brazilian malls and it is in another 140 commercial galleries and hypermarkets. Before CVC no tour operator would open offices in cities with fewer 60,000 people. Guilherme Paulus pioneered opening offices in these smaller cities which paid off very effectively for his company.

The second company he started was GJP Hotels & Resorts which he founded in 2005. He now employees almost 2,000 people in the hospitality industry that work at the hotels and golf courses he has had built. His company builds upscale hotels which are on four different tiers. Linx is his chain of three-star hotels and Prodigy is his chain of four-star hotels. Wish is his five-star hotels and Saint Andrews is his most premium hotel and is located in Gramado, Rio do Sul.

Due to his efforts, GJP Hotels & Resorts is now one of the biggest hotel chains in Brazil. He has 14 hotels and resorts along the coasts of Brazil with plans for more being located in Brazil’s main tourist destinations. Guilherme Paulus has also shown himself to be socially responsible at both this company and CVC as he has supported various nonprofits such as Dr. Klaid Care and the Education Institution and the National Project of Professional Initiation among others.

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Hussain Sajwani – DAMAC Owner Has Brought Progress To The World

Hussain Sajwani has led the way of development in Dubai in the 21st century. His company, DAMAC, has worked very hard to develop the highest quality luxury real estate in the world. DAMAC has brought Dubai and many other cities head first into the 21st century. This is especially dramatic in the Middle East where traditional and conservative lifestyles are very prevalent. It is a stark contrast to see complex, elaborate, high end, modern cities in the middle of deserts and areas where people live in more undeveloped places.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, is a guy who really knows what it means to help out the global community. He generously gave two million dollars to the Ramadan Initiative. His donation clothed roughly more than 50,000 youngsters. It was a godsend for the children who received it. Hussain Sajwani understands that Allah did him a favor by endowing him with such an affluent life. That is why he wanted to give thanks by contributing to the Ramadan Initiative.

Interestingly, Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) has a pretty strong friendship with Trump. This is because of the fact that they know each other well from business deals. However, it has come to a point where they have rubbed elbows so much that they are now friends. Their families interact with each other, sometimes. It makes a lot of sense to say that they are in the same social circle and community.

A lot of anti-Trump psychos have criticized the friendly relations between Trump and Sajwani. Their whole justification for belly-aching and being butt-hurt is that the President should not have anything to do with a guy who he has big business dealings with. They say that Trump’s personal business interests might get in the way of his presidential duties. These critics are just a bunch of troublemakers and complainers. After all, who is the President supposed to make friends with? He works very hard and has contact with whichever human beings he happens to have contact with. Also, everyone knows who Trump and his family members are, and there are surely plenty of people who do not have the best intentions for them. Connect with Hussain on Twitter.

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Larkin & Lacey

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were to Phoenix New Times writers who often wrote about topics that other media outlets turned a blind eye to. Larkin and Lacey met at Arizona State University. Michael Lacey was the executive editor of the Phoenix New Times and Jim Larkin was the head of the advertising side of this free newspaper. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The Phoenix New Times came about when Arizona State University was the site of some anti-war campus protests and the local media refused to give full coverage of the protests. Michael Lacey wanted to voice what was happening on the campus and received quite a following of readers. The Phoenix New Times quickly grew as an alternative newspaper in America and the weekly reports were in high demand.

The New Times was able to purchase Westward in 1983. Westward was a newspaper publication in Denver that focused on the arts and news. This was the acquisition that sparked the expansion of the New Times to a seventeen newspaper conglomerate. These seventeen newspapers spanned from Los Angeles to Miami and up to New York City. This merger of newspapers became known as The Village Voice.

Wide spread outing of injustice provoked some back lash to Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. Not everyone wanted truths exposed and brought to the public’s attention. In the middle of an October night in 2007 Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were arrested in their Maricopa County homes. The current sheriff at the time was Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Many people know him as the toughest sheriff in the United States. Some of his tactics included a tent city jail. Inmates were forced to live in the Arizona heat in a jail that was comprised of tents. They wore pink and were chained together to clean up rural stretches of roads.

The inmates received bologna sandwiches and other low cost meals. Sheriff Joe’s approach was explained as a way to save the state of Arizona on tax dollars. He felt as though criminals would be less likely to continually commit crimes if they understood the living conditions they would be subjected to when incarcerated. When televisions were allowed on they often featured children’s shows and the only books allowed were Bibles. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikepedia

Larkin and Lacey were unlawfully arrested in the middle of the night from their homes. They wrote an article about how allies of Arpraio in the county attorney’s office had issued grand jury subpoenas. They were unconstitutionally asking for details on all of the employees at The Village Voice.

When Larkin and Lacey were arrested they were taken in unmarked squad cars and taken to two separate jails for questioning. The public outcry was immense and they were released less than twenty four hours later.

Larkin and Lacey were awarded a hefty settlement from the county and established the Frontera Fund to help donate towards causes which sought to bring light to social injustices. During the spring of 2018 these two reporters found themselves again at the front and center of a FBI investigation.

They sold Village Voice Media in 2012 but they held onto which was an online reporting forum. Larkin and Lacey’s attorneys are currently fighting this injustice because they feel as though the government does not have a right to shut down anyone’s right to free speech, whether it is online or in person.

Infinity Group Australia Proves a Better Deal for the Australian Families under the Leadership of Graeme Holm

Infinity Group Australia is an award-winning firm that thrives in the areas of debt reduction, the creation of wealth and creating retirement plans for its clients. It was founded by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker with a great idea of transforming the credit market in Australia. The firm operates from various locations such as Brisbane, Bella Vista, Cronulla, Port Macquarie, and Melbourne.

Graeme Holm had one major reason behind the establishment of Infinity Group Australia back in 2013. His aim was to ensure that Australians could improve their finances as well as secure their future fulfillments easily. Currently, Infinity Group Australia is one of the most developing debt reduction and money management services organization in Australia due to Holm’s customer-driven model of operation.

Graeme Holm has a unique approach to financial issues, business matters and life in general. Following a detailed research and development on issues affecting the Australian mortgage market, Holm established that there existed inadequate services, continued support and guidance for families. As such, the Infinity Group Australia fills this gap through the provision of a personal banker to clients which enables them to clear their loans easily. Clients get access to extensive monthly financial reports and reviews. Also, they receive help in developing as well as maintaining personal budgets for future success.

With the services at Infinity Group Australia, all clients manage to pay off their outstanding mortgage loans within the very first three months. The help at Infinity Group Australia also enables them clear most of the debts in a span of one year. The organization attributes its success to its reliable collaborations and excellent customer service that enhances client satisfaction.

Who is Graeme Holm?

Graeme Holm is the founding partner and Director of the Infinity Group Australia. He has a vast experience of about 17 years in the financial services sector. Holm is an accredited professional in finance, real estate and the financial planning fields of the sector. He started his career in the Big Four Banking environment where he spent about a decade. Graeme holds an MBA and is successfully one of the top 100 brokers.

Holm’s career at the major 4 banking sector was unfulfilling as he could only publish single branded products and services. Besides, Australian families continued to receive poor services from the old-system banking institutions. As a result, Holm and his life/business partner were compelled to blend their finance passion and their thirst to give Australian families better deals; thus giving rise to Infinity Group Australia. Learn more:

The OSI Food Group Feeds Millions Of Families Worldwide

The popular OSI Industries Food Group is known for being one of the largest food service plants in the world. They have fed roughly, a million families a safe meal with no harsh additives. Their customers can appreciate an organic diet that has prices that can meet the demands of any budget. As the largest food service network in North America, the OSI Food Solutions Group answers to a stabilized food network while staying on compliance with their strict food guidelines. There are thousands of restaurants and meat markets around the globe that are fed their diet. OSI is based in southern Illinois with assets estimated at over $62.2 billion dollars. When asked; thousands of families say, the trust the OSI Food Solutions Group to feed them smart and affordable.

Learn More About OSI Executives

There are many brilliant minds that play a part in the growth and development of OSI, but their corporate professionals have really stood out in business news. Their Chief Executive Officer, David McDonald, has played a significant role in their international growth. He has been able to create many successful partnerships alongside the OSI, Chief Operating Officer, Sheldon Lavin. They’ve been able to grow their equity with the success of their international business deals. You can learn more about their business deals by visiting the OSI Industries website.

More News About The OSI Food Solutions Group

Did you know OSI also brands Tyson Foods? They recently took over a Chicago, Tyson food plant with a successful bid for the chicken giant. Their merger has helped them double their chicken production. More importantly, thousands of workers have been able to retain their jobs. They were glad to be able to be a part of a community initiative to save jobs and reduce the threat of poverty. OSI was also successful in their merger with the popular EU food industry. Today, they will continue to process their food condiments and restaurant meat patties. They’ve also gained a international relationship with the Baho Food Group in the Dutch food industry.

Find a diverse job opportunity by applying for a position with the popular OSI Food Solutions Group.

The legitimacy of Freedom Checks

Freedom checks derive their name from Badiali. However, the checks are grounded on strategies that deal with real investments. Although the checks sound like they are run like a federal program, they are neither managed nor run by the government. However these investment opportunities would not be possible without statute 26-F that allows at least 500 firms that operate in the energy sector to send generous checks to the respective shareholders and investors.

Freedom checks are issued by firms known as master limited partnerships. Abbreviated as MLPS, the firms pay their investors a return of their money on a quarterly or monthly basis. Investors make their investments in these firms by purchasing units of a firm and receiving their yield depending on the company’s performance. Most of the MLPS are either energy or gas companies that use the business structure of publically traded partnerships. This business structure combines the advantages of the partnership with the benefits of a public company. This combination is beneficial since the companies do not have to pay taxes like the ordinary corporations. MLPS only qualify for these tax exemptions by paying their investors at least 90 cents for each dollar they earn.

Freedom checks have a lot of similarities with dividends. However the common term for freedom checks among MLPS is “distributions”. Depending on the type of investment, the shareholders could earn up to $160,000 each quarter. MLPS and the investors are exempted from the federal income tax. However, the shareholders are expected to pay a considerable amount of tax on their capital gains made from selling their shares. These tax policies are significant incentives for citizens to make more investments in the energy sector.

Most people wonder why the government would allow the MLPS to avoid paying their taxes. According to President Nixon, the only way the USA could maintain its independence was through the production of more energy. With this in mind, the former president motivated the enacting of a law that rewards Americans who invested in the gas and oil sectors. The concept of freedom checks is accompanied by several other business opportunities. This includes the investments trusts offered for real estate investments that also feature a tax free option. This allows property owners to earn income from their rental property.

Newswatch tv Reliant

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Newswatch TV with a show that has been around since 1990s. in particular that started on March 1990 as a monthly TV program that focused on Financial issues and concerns. overtime more and more topics. all of these topics were of high interest to the general public. Now news watch TV is known as a format and platform where companies can go get their products promoted and reviewed. Newswatch has been verified for many years with many awards like a 2017 videographer award. Best 30-minute TV program has changed the landscape of Television promotion.

One company that saw the benefit of Newswatch TV was Ivanka. this company was on the cusp of releasing a new product. the Ockel Sirius b pocket PC. As great as their new product was they understood that they still needed promotion for the product to be successful. Too drum up funds for the product they created a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. They had to meet a goal of $10,000 in a 30-day period or about a month. to reach this goal and many more they needed heavy promotion and advertisement for their product. so they called news watch TV and requested a 1-minute promotional segment on the TV show to the aired. this review of their product would reach over 200 US market and over 90 million households. that is a type of and influence that Newswatch has.

after all was said and done they met their goal. they raised over $400,000 in the 30 days. They surpassed it very quickly and raised over 29 times more money than they actually needed. the Newswatch segment was released on both online and television channels. They received over 1 million online reactions and impressions for their product. The whole campaign needless to say was very successful. according to the marketing director of Avanca the reason the crowdfunding project was successful was because they work with Newswatch. it is now confirmed that Avanca has and will continue to work with Newswatch on other campaigns.

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End Citizens United Cintinues Its Mission Amidst Mid-Term Election Build-Up

End Citizens United has been hard at work in preparations for the upcoming mid-term elections. The PAC has been playing both sides of the field in their attempt to nab some vacating congressional seats. For End Citizens United it is another round of an elaborate political chess game, one they have been playing for about a decade. Formed in 2015 as an offensive strike against Citizens United vs Federal Elections Commission, the Washington DC based PAC has worked diligently to reverse the controversial decision. Their mission is a lofty one considering that the only way to reverse the Supreme Court decision is to amend an amendment to the Constitution, the first amendment to be precise.

It is a goal that requires a lot of legislation, which is why End Citizens United needs legislators.Since its formation in 2015, the political actions committee has been grassroots funding candidates advocating election reform.Citizens United was the case that extended the definition of free speech to include corporations. It has been hotly contested since the initial ruling in 2010, with opposing parties claiming that the decision basically puts federal elections of for sale. End Citizens United Seeks to amend free speech so that it only includes the individual. So they are hard at work trying to get their candidates elected, and politicians who are against election reform booted.

This year they have already filed a complaint with the federal elections commission against Adam Scott, a politician they claim is using a super pac to finance his campaign efforts, and advocated for over 10 presently running candidates who advocate for election reform. Some of these candidates are vying for congressional seats that are already occupied by popular candidates. Others are vying for newly vacated seats that are also the target of corporate pac funded politicians. Despite the odds ECU Remains diligent in its support. Through sheer determination and perserverance the PAC will see its job done. No matter how long it takes.