The Life And Accomplishments Of Logan Stout

Logan Stout is a keynote speaker, a philanthropist, a business owner, a leadership trainer and a best selling author. His career has generated billions and he has a track record of success, team building and leadership. His most recent venture is a health and wellness company called IDLife. He offers top quality nutritional products while providing an education regarding health and wellness. IDLife is one of the most solid companies in the world.

Logan Stout wrote a book titled Stout Advice to inspire and empower the readers. The book was endorsed by Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran. He has partnered with the well known motivational speaker John C. Maxwell who stated his book will be successful due to the thoughts and leadership of the author. Logan Stout founded a baseball organization called the Dallas Patriots to lead and mentor the youth. He appears on television, at live events and on the radio. He has been featured in The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News and Philadelphia Life Magazine who honored him as Man of the Year.

Logan Stout lives in Frisco, Texas with his two sons and his wife. They are honorary chairs for the American Heart Association of North Texas, the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County and several others. He spends his workdays in a similar fashion. His day begins with an IDLife energy drink, vitamins and shake. He reads the morning newspaper prior to his quiet time. His mornings include personal development reading including the bible and a daily devotional. his sons are twins and he helps them get ready to go to school. He then spends time in his home office working. He usually arrives at the IDLife corporate office around noon and attends any meetings. He picks his kids up at school, has dinner, enjoys time with his family and puts his children to bed. He often works for a while then reads with his wife before going to bed.

Logan Stout has established a successful career, established an excellent reputation and a good life with his family. He is well respected and enjoys the life he has created.

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Discover What Influenced Peter Briger to Succeed In Asset Management

In business, the customer is the most valuable asset. Most business people base their entrepreneurial policy on the adage that a customer comes first. It’s an old saying, but its impact cannot be wished away. Most of the people who have succeeded in business have stood with this adage. Many companies and corporations use this saying to make prospective clients feel valued and win them over. According to business gurus like Peter Briger, every company and business should strive to achieve what this adage means. When this saying loses its meaning, business falls. Peter says customer service is the lungs of every business and this shouldn’t be debated. When a business fails to maintain a good customer service, it has failed in all other things.

What the entrepreneurs should learn from Peter today is having a positive attitude toward risks. If Peter looked risks from a dull perspective, he would not be the man many people talk about today. He is an astute investment manager who believes in prioritizing the interests of his clients. If you prioritize the interests of your company over those of your clients, you will count yourself failed. Peter Briger, a competent asset manager, affirms maintaining a good customer relationship takes a business where it could not have reached.At Fortress Investment Group, Peter serves as the principal chairman. He co-chaired many interests of the company since November last year. An asset manager with vast experience will always influence the business wave towards a certain direction. Peter Briger has influenced this company in the direction of massive growth since he became a leader. He has always encouraged teamwork during his tenure since he knows it’s the source of great success.

Although he can manage almost all the dockets of the company, he had delegated them to other able leaders. He believes a true leader doesn’t do everything well but shows others how well they could do it also.He oversaw the deal between the Fortress Group and a real estate contractor. He was a leader at Sachs & Co before he came to Fortress Group. He ensured everything had been streamlined in the company to realize those unmatched financial services. His hard work earned him a promotion as a partner. Peter Briger is a man who loves people and one who always thinks well about them. He joins various charitable organizations that donate shelter, food, and clothing to the less fortunate. He loves sports especially soccer. That’s how he became the chairman of the American Investment Committee for Soccer.

David Mcdonald, OSI Group President: Recap Google News

David McDonald’s Customer and growth strategy with OSI.

OSI started its road to create an impact in the world in Chicago, 1909, starting as a family meat market. This great journey started with a German immigrant to the United States, Otto Kolschowsky, within two years after his arrival. OSI Group acquires Dutch company Baho Food.

In 1928 it then became Otto & Sons. One of its first major steps to success in the food industry was the hand shake between McDonald Founder Ray Croc and Otto’s heirs. It became OSI Industries in 1975. It currently has based its international headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, United States of America.

One of the people behind its high-riding success in this modern era is President and Chief Operations Officer David McDonald. David kicked off his career with OSI after graduating with a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University.

David McDonald started as a project manager while in the role of chairperson of the North American Meat Institute. He has been climbing up the ladder for thirty years and has gotten to the role of president of the company.

In his tenure and before he got to the president, he has played a tremendous role in the strides taken by OSI. David Mcdonald believes that they provide the best value when challenged customers in response to business needs.

To surpass their customers’ expectations is a vision that He shares with OSI. Having zero doubt in this vision, he has led the company to establish solid relationships. He leads the organization to invest in their customer needs and trying to become a part of local cultures of the wide customer base.

The endeavor attributes his statement of the merger between Turi foods and OSI. He said it was seen as a tremendous potential to serve its customers in new, better and innovative ways, moreover creating more chances for their mutual teams to excel. The merger came to effect on May 4th, 2018.

In its efforts to promote its services reach to the world, David McDonald led OSI to acquire Baho Food. He said that it broadens the presence of the company in Europe. On that note, it has also doubled its chicken production in Spain.

It can also get credited to corporate social responsibility as the OSI president said it would help create more jobs above adding new products in their portfolio. Additionally, it will enable growth of new food service and support the increment of their customers.

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Sean Penn Creates A Dark View Of The U.S. In “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Posted on June 1, 2018 in Activism

The career of Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn has taken in many different areas of interest including acting, screenwriting, and directing before embarking on his latest career change as a novelist. His debut novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” has been compared to some of the great modern novelists work but Penn admits he has not read some of the work of those he has been compared to for a work which began life as an audiobook.

The book is a work of fiction but the author admits his work has been confused with a biographical work because of a shared worldview of the author and the titular character in the novel. Penn is at pains to point out the character of Bob Honey is an assassin who is attempting to feed his humanitarian and social sides to ensure he maintains a spark of human interest in his life and work. Much like Penn, the main character in “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” decides to step in and visit a location struck by tragedy in the novel which sees him head to Iraq to explore the region following the Gulf Wars to help his fellow human beings.

Creating the world of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” led Sean Penn to explore different ways of writing compared to his usual means of manufacturing a script using his traditional manual typewriter. The actor and director instead dictated the novel which began life as his response to the potential election of Donald Trump as President in the days before the 2016 election. Penn explained the style and tone of the novel lent itself more to the stream of consciousness style better suited to dictation than typing constantly.

Over the course of the novel, the character of Bob Honey tackles a number of issues including those of violence and bullying in the current politically charged climate of the U.S. A stringent anti-bullying and anti-violence campaigner, Sean Penn explains “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is meant to stand for both of those political views and provide a glimpse into a less than complimentary view of life in the U.S. if the current direction of the culture continues.



Sightsavers Visits Zambia

Posted on June 1, 2018 in Zambia

Jo Howard of Sightsavers recently traveled to Sambia to get an idea of how the organization was helping the people in the area who either had or were at risk of the blinding bacterial infection known as trachoma. There are many barriers that the people working with Sightsavers face while they are trying to save the eyesight of the underprivileged people in the world. In Zambia in particular, one of the doctors who do outreach work for Sightsavers travels to the remote villages by using a motorbike. For this doctor, it’s not just a job to help these people in need.

For Sightsavers one of the biggest difficulties in treating the people in these impoverished villages is the fact that they are essentially inaccessible by large vehicles. In fact, when the doctor from Sightsavers was traveling to one of these villages, it was necessary to stop and dig his car out because of the sand. When they were finally able to make it to this village, they were able to treat several children suffering from trachoma.


The children that Sightsavers treated were sweet and very grateful for the assistance. One girl spoke about the severe pain that the disease caused that still did not prevent her from going to school to receive an education. Without the much-needed treatment, the Sightsavers doctor confirmed that she would indeed eventually go blind in three years or less.

To treat the people in the village who were suffering from the disease, antibiotics were prescribed and a follow-up visit was scheduled for the near future. In order to prevent future reoccurrences of the disease, members of the village were taught the importance of maintaining sanitation even in the difficult position they were in. The experience left the volunteers optimistic that the situation in the village would improve.

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NGP VAN On The Path To Digitize Politics

Posted on May 31, 2018 in Campaigning

Politics has considerably changed since 1950’s when elections were more labor intensive. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of technology, political campaigns are conducted diffrently. For instance, data is used to identify potential voters that may support a candidate. Democrats have used this model of technology in their recent campaigns. President Obama’s presidential campaigns which were powered by NGP VAN are a good example where technology was used in political campaigns.

NGP VAN and the Democrats

NGP VAN is a company that helps Democrats to run successful elections through the use of technology. The company gives Democrats an advantage in the race due to the use of technology-focused campaign strategies. NGP VAN is headquartered in Washington DC and provides data and technology services to other organizations and institutions as well.

Technology focused campaigns

It is paramount to remember that technology is always changing. For instance, a technological strategy used in 2016 elections cannot be viable in the next elections. These technologies have the ability to significantly influence politics in the near future and therefore political parties should embrace the emerging trends. Thus, any campaign strategy that ignores web and mobile platforms will most probably lead to loss of elections.

Technological intensive campaign

Contemporary election politics has been transformed by the use of technology. The use of technology in politics was most prominent during President Obama’s campaigns where web-based platforms were used to reach out to the voters. The platforms also helped voters organize meetings and reach out to more people in grassroots. It is estimated that the use of technology in that campaign alone increased voter participation by over fourteen million votes.

NGP VAN helping campaigns work faster

As both President Obama’s campaigns demonstrated, technology provides an advantage over the opponents. Initially, politicians used the door to door strategies in their campaigns which were labor intensive. Nowadays, web analytics are being used to mobilize voters through various mobile platforms which are more faster and effective. A huge amount of data is involved and therefore significant expertise and financial resources are necessary. A platform that is not properly maintained can cause failure as observed during the 2012 campaigns when Mitt Romney ORCA platform became dysfunctional in the last minutes.


NGP VAN was established in 2001 as a Voter Activation Network by Mark Sullivan. The company has developed various tools which are relevant to politicians, organizations and other institutions. Recently, the company has partnered with web startups to facilitate a broad grassroots advocacy.

Whitney Wolfe’s Dating Site Bumble is Stinging the Competition

Bumble is one of the world’s best dating apps. This online hookup spot was created by Whitney Wolfe back in 2014. Since that time, Bumble is now a major contender in the world internet romance. The thing that has helped Bumble to emerge as an online dating powerhouse, is its unique selling point. Bumble is all about the ladies. This site was created for the modern feminist woman and it caters to them a great deal. Guys can sign up for Bumble. As a matter of fact, they are encouraged to do this.

While men are permitted to create accounts on the site, they cannot get on the site and think they are running the show. Sorry fellas, Bumble only allows women to make the first move. So, after a guy creates his profile; he cannot start a conversation with a female unless she wants him to. The most a guy can do is get a female’s attention by sending her like. After that, it’s strictly up to the woman to decide if she wants to get involved with a guy.

Remember that Bumble is designed for women and their needs. Females are generally more sociable than men and have need of companionship. Bumble BFF was created by Whitney Wolfe to help give women connections to other females who are looking for friends and acquaintances to hang out with. Ladies not only find love on Bumble, they can also find a good running buddy to hang out with or talk about life issues.

Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble has nearly 30 million users. The company is valued at nearly a billion dollars. Whitney Wolfe is doing something right to make Bumble such a huge success. Her commitment to the modern female and the feminist movement plays a huge role in her success. She is also conscious of the social climate that is taking place today. Bumble is supported by NBA franchises, is connected to various charities and it is on the cutting edge of the online dating system. The competition should watch out because Whitney’s Wolfe Bumble is going to be “stinging” them for a long time to come.

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PSI Pay – Setting New Benchmarks in the Contactless Payment Industry

Contactless payments may hold the future of eCommerce transactions. The technology has advanced to an extent where it is becoming easier to complete financial transactions using smart phones and high-tech wearable such as a ring. The success of contactless payments is evident by the rate of growth in the industry. For instance, major players like PSI Pay and its affiliates continue to post substantial profits, which is a proof of increasing consumer interest from both consumers and financial sponsors.

According to recent industry statistics, online payment has taken over traditional payment methods in the United Kingdom. Interestingly, one-third of such payments are contactless payments, pioneered by PSI Pay and its affiliates. To protect the customer, most vendors and banks linked to these vendors, limit the payment to a certain amount. In the U.K., the contactless payment amount rarely exceeds 30 U.K. Pounds. However, the trend may change in the coming years as “wave and pay” phenomenon continue to increase.

Current Technology

The contactless payment is sometimes referred to as “wave and pay” solution, where consumers just need to contact their smart phones or rings with point-of-sale terminals using RFID and related near-field technology. As a result, anyone can save plenty of time without using PIN and other security features to complete a transaction. For businesses and retail stores, such technologies mean that they can quickly process payments.

Future Growth

PSI Pay is the largest regulated Fintech company operating in the United kingdom. Despite its size, the company is well-known for introducing new high-tech gadgets and technologies. In 2015, PSI Pay reported an annual increase in its income by almost 29 percent as the volume of business also increased to 45 percent. These numbers are even more promising considering that the company had announced a 15 percent increase in revenues and 43 percent gross profits, the previous year, in 2014.

To strengthen the existing business model, PSI Pay has undergone a strategic overhaul, which includes forming relationships with new business suppliers, extending affiliate promotions, and introducing new products. Accordingly, the Managing Director of the company, Phil Davies, acknowledged that the boom in sales is directly related to effective promotional campaigns of the company. These campaigns are backed by innovative ideas and dedicated employees. In fact, Phil applauded the payment card program sponsorship, which has enabled PSI Pay to develop a unique business model, beneficial to its suppliers. For Phil Davies and his team, recent developments are signs of great optimism for the company, which will allow the team to continuously develop new contactless technologies.

PSI-Pay and Kerv partner to release the world’s first contactless payment ring

Agora Financial, providing reliable financial input since 2004

Financial advice is the kind of service that you do not go looking for from random people or organizations. Many people and institutions parade around as financial experts but use such platforms to defraud and steal from people. For this reason, individuals find it more useful to seek such advice from trusted and legitimate fellows or organizations. Various organizations specialize in financial affairs. One of such companies is Agora Financial.

  • About Agora Financial

Agora financial is a publishing agency that provides expert financial input to its readers. Agora Financial does online publications, newsletters and books all focusing on the topic of finance. Other than readable, the agency also does documentaries, online videos and public seminars where they discuss important financial affairs. Every product put up by Agora Financial is intended to tackle a specific topic that keeps varying from the other to avoid being monotonous. The publications by Agora are mostly paid for whereas there are a few that are free and accessible to the general public.

The research that the agency publishes is independent of any external bias and is reliable as it is obtained from specific and extensive analysis and research. The experts and experienced analysts who work for Agora travel around the globe to come up with a well rounded and thorough research findings that will be useful to their readers. The research team comprised of geologists, bond experts, entrepreneurs, hedge fund managers, humanitarians, filmmakers, and credited and award-winning authors and journalists.

  • Achievements

In the fourteen years that Agora has been in operation, the agency has been able to create a name for itself and earn more readers by making groundbreaking predictions like the 2008 mortgage crisis. Agora made a publication on the crisis four years before it happened, the readers who heeded the advice lived to be grateful to the agency. The agency also predicted the increase in the trading prices of gold that also came to pass.

  • Leadership and location

Agora Financial has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. The company is headed by one Mr. Bill Bonner who is also one of its co-founders.

Energy Drilling Firm- Talos Energy

The Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, Duncan was the tone in between saving his family from the floods or negotiating a $2.5 billion deal for acquiring Stone Energy which was publicly traded company which was also bankrupt. The 45 years old Chief Executive Officer of Talos knew that it was risky to purchase the troubled company. According to Duncan, he had to the transaction done despite the situation. Duncan decided to call for help to evacuate his family to his mother’s compound and there he made the deal over his mother’s dining table after four months.

The deal to acquire Stone Energy was successful, and Duncan now will be the new owner of a company which generated about $900 million annually. Most of Talos Energy assets will be in the Gulf of Mexico and it is a benefit to the drilling firm because it will lower their risk. Talos is a widespread company which also takes advantage of other wells not based in the United States of America but also in Mexico. The energy group has been using new technology to drill the energy. Currently, the newly purchased company can drill about 48000 barrels a day, but according to the management, it can do produce more oil.

Duncan grew up knowing about drilling oil as his owned an oil company. He has grown up in different countries and States including Egypt, New York, and Texas. When the Hurricane came, Duncan together with other bondholders was in a negotiation about rebuilding a debt of about $800 million. On the negotiation table were Financial managers Riverstone, and Apollo Managers, as well as Mackay Shields, and Franklin of Templeton Investment. According to the director of Citi, Jerry Schretter the settling of the debt was a challenge from the beginning even before the occurrence of the hurricane. Jerry has been Duncan’s advisor for many years. Talos Energy has their largest asset in Phoenix. Talos Energy was created in 2012 by Duncan who is the Chief Executive Officer of the oil drilling organization. He was financially supported by Riverstone management and Apollo Investment to set up the facility. Talos Energy continues to expand their portfolio throughout the world.