Personal Branding Can Have A Big Impact On Your Online Reputation

The practice of personal branding has become quite commonplace in recent years. According to a current online article, the whole process of personal branding has become more of a social and professional requirement than just a competitive advantage.

When you engage in personal branding, you’re creating more of an online presence, which means you have to be careful about what types of information get published. Inappropriate information can create the wrong image, and damage your online reputation.

In the article that I just read, the author lists some of the most common personal branding mistakes that people make. These mistakes are all preventable, and by exercising a little bit of effort, you can help to maintain your own good online reputation.

Some people mistakenly think that personal branding does not pertain to them. Whether you’re a high school senior trying to find a college to attend, or an experienced executive looking for new employment, in today’s world, you basically need to market yourself.

If you are branding yourself online, it’s very important that any information about yourself has to be accurate. If you pretend to be someone or something other than your true self, chances are good that the truth will be discovered later.

Just as preventive maintenance can help to keep machines in good overall shape, preventive management of your online reputation can help to prevent negative situations from arising.

It takes time to develop and/or develop a good online reputation. The average person needs to see a name or image five to seven times to remember a brand, and there’s a lot of competing content out there.

An effective way to maintain a good online reputation is to publish as much positive-oriented material as possible. Do not focus on attracting lots of phony friends on social media sites. You’re much better off developing a smaller group of loyal followers.

Fabletics Success Story

Succeeding in the fashion e-commerce industry is not a walk in the park. However, Fabletics, led by Kate Hudson is doing very well. The two hundred and fifty million business has grown significantly in the last three years. The activewear company uses a unique subscription method to sell its products to consumers in different parts of the globe.


Fabletics understands that the modern consumers prefer the brands that are very inspirational. These individuals need brands that push them a little. The convenience and membership services offered by Fabletics makes it one of the leaders in the market. In the past, high-value brands were defined by the quality of the services or products and the price. However, this is no longer the case. This combination does not guarantee the success of a brand in the current shift in the economy. People are now considering things like customer experience, last mile services, brand recognition and exclusive designs.


Fabletics has registered a high number of sales in the recent past because of the strategies it uses. The company’s greatest secret is building a brand that is modern and acceptable to the consumer. The physical stores in the enterprise are different in the following ways:


The company encourage reverse showrooming

Most of the legacy brands in the fashion industry are registering losses by showrooming. The customers browse offline, but they choose to buy cheap items in other places. Fabletics uses the reverse model since it started out. The company focuses on navigating into positives. The institution could have chosen to become the pop-up store, but they picked a strategy that enabled them to build strong relationships, getting to know the local markets and be relied on. This means that most of the clients who walk in the Fabletics stores to shop are already members. Only a few members become members when they enter the stores.


Online data is relevant in the retail strategy, but its success is not as a result of the data

This company has been in the market for a very short time, but it already understands that showing the consumer the right content in the physical and also in digital is crucial if they want to do well. The company uses local online data to understand the preferences, and this means that the physical stores are supposed to stock products that appeal to the customers. The stores in the institution are stocked with items according to the membership preference, especially for the local members.


Fabletics growth is due to focus on people, accessibility, and culture

The fashion company has faced its fair share of challenges in the past, but it has evolved and moved to better and greater territories. The institution has managed to do this by balancing the lifestyle, customer experience, and consumer education, and this seems to be paying off. The team of experts in the company has a lot of expertise and experience in creating fashion brands, and they always look at the consumer preferences when designing their items. This has led to the growth of the organization.

Don Ressler And His Effort To Building Sustainable Businesses And An Entire Industry

Emerging successful in business is no easy feat in a world where there are thousands other competing to clench the same opportunities. It takes effort and strategy to move from a basic position to the attainment of success. Few businesses manage to emerge successful in the competitive environment due to the fact they lack the precision and the capacity to pursue challenging situations.

The strength to overcome challenges is built and is not something that will just come automatically. The above descriptions precisely talk about the path Don Ressler took to become one of the most successful online entrepreneurs. He runs several successful companies and most of the ideas he came up with led to the development of strong businesses.

Don Ressler began investing when he built, which stocked fitness products. The company, although not as profitable as he expected, offered him an opportunity to learn and acquire vital skills of running an online-based business. After some years of building the company, he sold it in 2001 to Intermix Media.

While transacting to hand the company over, he got the opportunity to interact with Adam Goldenberg, who was then working at Intermix Media as their COO. They shared ideas and decided to partner in their first project that allowed them to launch Alena Media, a company that helped businesses to tacked their marketing challenges.

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Alena Media was highly profitable and performed beyond their expectations within three years after inception. This success allowed them to draft other better ideas and in 2005, they reached an agreement to sell Alena Media so they could move to something different and better. The company was bought by News Corp to allow them to concentrate on building their next business. In 2008, they launched Intelligent Beauty, which today remains a profitable business under the stewardship of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.

To mark the peak of their partnership, Don Ressler and Adam built JustFab, which was launched in 2010. The company is a successful subscription retail that offers beauty products in different categories. It was first funded in 2011 by Matrix Ventures with an amount valued at $33 million before the company moved on to apply for additional $76 million that was paid by different companies in 2012.

With the two rounds of funding, JustFab managed to build a strong infrastructure and the company grew its network to cover Germany, UK and Canada. Its presence in Europe has been growing continually with more plans to launch business in other regions.

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Bruce Levenson Success

Working the NBA is hard work. The pressure from fans is high, and you have to succeed in winning on the court and in bringing in sales. When Bruce Levenson took over for the Atlanta Hawks, the team was in a bad spot. Not only were they looking at moving the team to a different place, but they were also thinking that fan support was so low to just quit the franchise from existing. However, Bruce Levenson had a plan and was able to make it work. He is a great example that hard work and a plan can help you go really far in life. He never quit on his team or his city.

Charity Work

During his time with the Hawks, Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson also did a lot of charity work. He has always been interested in helping people get to the next level in life, especially if they grew up without a lot of resources on their side. If you want to invest in your future, education is the best way to do that. However, few people understand how big of a deal it is to get someone from the inner cities to school. Bruce Levenson did this on a regular basis, and he was able to work up his reputation within the area.


Right now, Bruce Levenson finds himself involved in a lawsuit that he is not happy about. There are a lot of people who are worried about him, especially when it comes to his finances. He is now having to pay a lot of money in attorney fees, and few people understand why. He has had a good run with the Hawks, but the time is now to let him get to the next level. Bruce Levenson will continue to drive for growth within the city.

About Marc Sparks and His Business Achievements

Great people and dreams are born here in Texas. Marc Sparks shares an Entrepreneurial success story embodies true dedication and an aspiration for success. Marc Sparks lives in Dallas. He is the leading venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and businessman.

He is the leader of Timber Creek Capital among other series of businesses that he has successfully managed. Timber Creek Capital is a Private Equity business that supplies entrepreneurial services such as marketing, sales, capital, equipment, office space, customer service knowledge, and graphic art. Marc was also the leader of GlobalTec Solutions, Reliant Healthcare, Agency Matrix, Cobalt Real Estate Services, Boxstar LLC, Bonn Oir, and Uncle Marc Food Delivery.

He has also had recent engagements in the telecommunication industry where he worked with the Cardinal Telecom, Splash Media, and Blue Jay Wireless. Marc Sparks has also operated in the real estate sector by investing into venture business solutions. Marc Sparks discovered the importance of special office flow necessary for maximum output and collaboration after establishing several companies.

Marc Sparks is Philanthropic and an Author

Marc Sparks is goodhearted and has been a consistent donor to the Dallas community. He has also made donations to a homeless shelter by the name The Samaritan Inn. He has also established Habitat for Humanity homes. Marc Sparks is also a supporter of the Dallas high school magnet program.

Marc Sparks is an author and he is known for publishing a book called “They Can’t Eat You.” He aims to demonstrate that everyone has the business potential. The book narrates of his success story and traces his personal success life. He desires to motivate others through his success journey that initially commenced as a C student who never went to college.

Marc Sparks entrepreneurial Tips

Marc Sparks’ boundless energy and relentless enthusiasm have earned him many business honors. Marc has also initiated mentoring programs to aid budding entrepreneurs by supplying the valuable tools and leaderships skills for success. Marc’s character and work ethics are exceptional and motivating to the people around him. He is not a quitter.

His attitude is unrelenting and guarantees thriving success in his business investments. He insists that business people should have the pride and faith in their service or products. He also says that entrepreneurs should always employ marketing strategies, always present simple products, and offer unique goods and services that stand out from the rest of the competition.

My Rental Home Is Only Cleaned By Handy

Posted on November 24, 2016 in Apps

I have a beautiful penthouse that’s a vacation rental in New York City and is very expensive and luxurious. I already paid off the home in full, so I rent it out whenever I’m not using, which is pretty much throughout the year. I get so many people renting out the penthouse that it’s full all the time and only has a one-day turnaround before another person wants to rent it. I can get as many as 10-20 people renting out the penthouse each month, so each time a person leaves, I must have a cleaner come to clean the home.

Handy is my cleaning company a choice for my penthouse because I know that their professional staff will clean the place to my satisfaction. Although I don’t live in the penthouse, I do still live in New York City, so I come by once in a while to check on the work that’s been done to the home to make sure it’s perfect. Honestly, I’ve had Handy cleaning my home for the past year and have never had to worry about the work being done correctly because has some very professional cleaners that really know how to clean.

Along with cleaning the bathrooms and sinks in the home, they do vacuuming too while leaving the place looking like new. I’ve never once had a resident come and tell me that the place wasn’t clean after a Handy employee had cleaned the place the day before, so I’ve continued to use Handy for cleaning services. I’m in the process of purchasing another vacation rental that I know will be just as popular as my first one, and I expect to be working with Handy when any cleaning needs to be done in that home.

Handy has some excellent rates, even though the rooms that they are cleaning is pretty large in size, but they have reasonable rates for each room that has to be cleaned. I’ve had other cleaning services that would switch up the rates on me when they arrived at the penthouse. I don’t like being told one price and being charged another price. Handy does painting too, so I’ll make an appointment with them when I want some painting done in the penthouse. I love that I can count on Handy for any and all services that I need for my rental homes. Visit for more info.


Keith Mann: Always Looking Out For Others

When researching and reading about Keith Mann, there are many things to like and many things to admire about the man. The one that sticks out the most to me, as a reader, is his ability to give back. is an interesting tool as you can find a lot of information about someone, both good and bad. In the case of Keith Mann, there is no bad information. It is all good. He has always held himself to a high standard and that does not appear to be changing anytime soon. He is going to keep doing good things for good people as long as he is on this planet.


They often say that children are our future and Keith Mann is all about that. He knows and believes that children are the lifeblood of the present and the future. They are the ones that are going to be looking over things long after all of us are gone. It is important to prepare them for what is ahead. That is why he is so involved in Uncommon Schools. He knows these are bright children that just need a little help and they need to be able to go out there and live life on their own terms with their own dream. As part of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann knows all about that.


He holds fundraisers, which shows he is not just purely talk. He is going out there and being a person that is doing something to improve the situation. That is what we need more of in this world. We need more people that are doing something and putting their money where their mouth is. This event raised over 22 thousand dollars and that is big money when someone is talking about school. Along with his wife, he has also put together a scholarship for children that can set them up well in the future.


Their main focus should be on school and they should not have to worry about anything else. They are young and should be having fun and preparing for what lies ahead.

Organo Gold is Convenient Healthiness

Organo Gold promises two things to their clients: convenience and health. They want everyone to have the chance to be as healthy as possible and this means that they are able to provide it to all of their clients in a way that is convenient and that works for them.

Bernardo Chua started Organo Gold with the idea that more people needed to be doing things that would benefit their health. He knew that too many products were filled with chemicals and additives that would cause people to be unhealthy instead of promoting health. Organo Gold changed this, though.

Their products are the same ones that people are used to using on a daily basis- toothpaste and coffee are a few of their most popular. People can simply start using the Organo Gold products instead of the chemical-laden ones that they are used to. They can benefit from the health options that are included in Organo Gold.

Convenience is key for most people in the United States and around the world. Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold to make things more convenient for people who want to have the products. People no longer need to worry about running out of toothpaste or coffee when they sign up with Organo Gold.

The company automatically ships the products that people use on a regular basis so that they don’t have to worry about a thing. The company wants to give everyone that convenience and wants to make sure that people are satisfied with what they have.

Bernardo Chua always makes sure that he is doing the best thing for all of his clients. He wants them to be happy and he knows that means that he must continue to improve Organo Gold as time goes on. He wants to make sure that people who use the products are happy and that distributors are able to get the most money possible out of the business that they have created out of the Organo Gold products.

Bernardo Chua is committed to making things better for people who need health benefits and for people who want to make money from the products.

The Founding And Rise Of Evolution Of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth was created by Sanjiv Mehr, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky. Sanjiv Mehr had previously worked at big corporations like Pepsi and Unilever. Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsy were previously employed at startup incubators. The three of them decided to get together and brainstorm how they could create a buzz in the health and beauty aisle of drugstores.

The brainstorming did not go very well at first. Most of the products sold at the beauty aisles were made by large companies that were firmly established in their niche. The primary way that companies competed with each other was by lowering prices. One idea that did stick out was the fact that the lip balm products sold today were virtually unchanged since they were first introduced.

The trio decided they could launch a new and unique lip balm brand that could draw new customers. It would be unique and offer something that brands like Chapstick and Blistex did not. Evolution of Smooth was thus born. Craig Dubitsty, one of the original three people behind the concept of a new lip balm brand, had left before the company could officially launch. This made Sanjiv Mehr and Jonathan Teller the co-founders and leaders of the firm.

EOS lip balm made a big change in the lip balm industry by offering a new form of packaging. It would be spherical instead of the traditional stick format. Lots of different flavors would be offered. They would include strawberry, blueberry and pomegranate as well as many, many more. No longer would customers have to settle with original, mint or cherry flavored lip balms. They had lots of choices and the packaging was very unique.

Applying the balm was also easier and the new spherical packaging made it easier to carry along in a purse or bag. Ingredients for the balm would also be all natural and organic. This would further set it apart from mainstays in the lip balm aisle that used ingredients such as mineral oil and other synthetic ingredients.

These new ideas brought immediate attention to the brand and customers loved the look and new flavors. Through clever marketing on social media, YouTube and through fashion bloggers, the eBay sold brand exploded. Celebrities soon started using the brand and it easily surpassed Chapstix and Blistex in sales. The company now does over 1 million dollars of its lip balm products in sales. For more information, visit the website: and the company’s Linked In page at


Amazing Levels of Support

Securus Technologies offers excellent products to its customer base, who is fully supports that the oven is degree. Securus Technologies products have gone through years of development, creating extremely high-quality software and security applications for use in, and around the American justice system. Not only do enforcement personnel use these products for their own personal security and safety, but inmates currently residing within the American penal system use them for communication solutions. This means that applications can be used online by an inmate in order to communicate with their family members and loved ones, often through video streaming. Free applications which are available online on mobile devices such as Android and Apple tablets and cell phones are available to anyone who has a Wi-Fi connection. It offers reliable and high-quality imaging, which means that inmates have a solution to their visitation time. Without having to physically see their loved ones, which may not sound like a really good plan, it makes perfect sense considering how much time it takes to actually drive to a prison and the time you need to get through security checks. By providing these services to their customers, Securus is providing them with an amazing level of support.


Securus has been under scrutiny recently by another Information Technology Corporation Called GTL. In the past few months GTL has claimed that security is about to lose or already has lost many of the patents on its products. This is a very touchy subject, especially when considering legal matters and what products would be available and for how much. Securus, alongside some of its allies, have recently dug up information that solidifies the idea that these claims by GTL are inaccurate and the accusations are false.