Igor Cornelsen Has Tips for Making Investments in Brazil


Brazil is one of the biggest countries in the world. It is also the biggest economy in Latin America and seventh largest in the world. Recently the country has been facing economic challenges on Facebook just like most of the countries in the world. Making an investment in Brazil can bring either success or loss, but with a clear understanding of the market, you can make million dollars from a venture. Igor Cornelsen is among the leading bankers in the country. Recently he wrote an article with tips on how to invest in Brazil. The article was published in on CNBC and here below are some of the investment tips he provided.

Interact with Natives

Brazil is one of the countries where there are a lot of people in business at https://www.jusbrasil.com.br/topicos/64228355/igor-cornelsen. A recent study indicated that one of every four Brazil residents between the ages bracket of 18 to 65 earns their daily living through business. By ensuring that you connect with these people, you will have high chances of succeeding in every industry you invest. Companies need each other as a source of raw materials, labor, and capital.

Be ready for everything

According to Igor Cornelsen, the Brazil market is under strict regulations, which sometimes arise unexpectedly. Having a plan and conducting a comprehensive research before making an investment in the country is highly recommended on wikidot.com. Investors who risk making an investment without knowing everything about business in Brazil risk losing their money.

Understand Restrictions on Foreign Currency

Another tip that Igor Cornelsen stated is that following the currency exchange should be a prerequisite of every aspiring to make investments in Brazil. Each currency has its value, and it should not be confused with other. People who don’t have all information about currency exchange in the country risk suffering losses.


Brazil being one of the biggest world economies has attracted lots of investors to invest in the country. It seems that chances of businesses succeeding are quite high. The above are some of the tips you should put into consideration before making investments in Brazil. There are other tips, but the above are some of the most important.

Sam Boraie: Redeveloping New Brunswick in New Jersey

During the 1970s New Brunswick became blighted and dangerous because the middle-class residents moved to newer areas surrounding the city. Today, the city has developed to have several examples of urban renewal in the United States. New Brunswick (https://local.yahoo.com/info-11014537-boraie-realty-new-brunswick) is currently experiencing an unprecedented wave of growth and investment that has transformed the once falling city into a thriving urban center. The city is supporting smart growth by offering an assortment of affordable types of housing: high-rise, single-family, and low-rise residential. New Brunswick is also encouraging a mixed-use development where jobs, services, and housing are in proximity to each other.

One of the investors who are to receive credit for the revitalization of this city is Sam Boraie’s father, Omar Boraie. Omar Boraie established the family real estate business after emigrating from Egypt in the 1970s. He started a small City-based real estate firm and grew to become a major redevelopment company that works in New Brunswick, Atlantic City, and Newark. View his full profile on crunchbase.com.

Mr. Omar Boraie saw a great potential in New Brunswick four decades ago. The majority of people doubted his dream of rebuilding New Brunswick with high-rise condo like those in New York. Today his vision of Brunswick is materializing, and people no longer think he is crazy.

According to his crunchbase page, Sam Boraie is the vice president of Boraie Development, LLC, a New Jersey-based premier development company that has spearheaded the development of several properties in the city. Sam Boraie has carried on his father’s legacy and continues to redevelop New Brunswick. Under Sam Boraie’s leadership, Boraie Development Company has garnered a solid reputation of providing exceptional services that focus on the urban real estate market. The firm focuses on three areas namely: real estate development, property management, and sales/marketing.

The company deals with the development of commercial, retail and residential properties. Some of its notable projects are the Albany Street Plaza, One Rector Street, One Spring Street, Milltown Ford Avenue Redevelopment and The Estates at Waverly Place. In 2015, the company opened the leasing center of the Aspire building to summer occupancy. The Aspire is Boraie Development’s newest luxury rental tower situated at the center of New Brunswick.

The world-class residential building was built to accommodate the city’s rising population of young tenants who want to blend in modern design with convenience. The Aspire is located a few steps from the New Brunswick train station and is close to Saint Peter’s University Hospital, Rutgers University’s Downtown-City Center and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. It features 238 residential units, a modern fitness center and an indoor and outdoor club.

It is also fitted with unique floor plans, gourmet kitchens, large closets, among other high-end features. There is a convenient concierge system that lets occupants pay rent online, receive messages concerning visitors and deliveries and stay updated on community event like shows at theaters.

Read More: http://www.njbiz.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20161220/NJBIZ01/161219963/developer-waseem-boraie-debunks-5-myths-about-doing-business-in-ac-after-breaking-ground-on-81m-project&template=mobileart

Securus Not Afraid to Challenge GTL to go on a Technology Bake Off

Security is one of life’s basic necessities. Courtesy of companies such as Securus Technologies, insecurity in most parts on North America, has reduced. Securus has been collaborating with correctional and security departments in order to prevent crimes and also, they have been instrumental in investigations and providing evidence to put criminals behind bars.


For sometimes Securus has been GTL’s biggest competitor- note that this is not the other way round. I could have said that they have been giving GTL a run for their money, but GTL seems to lack the motivation to better their processes and products. Instead, when they see that the gap between the two companies has increased, they rush online and try to ruin the compay’s reputation. And this fails every time. For some time Securus let them be. But now that GTL shamelessly said that they could be matched with Securus, in all capacities, Securus had to get back.


In January, 2013, Securus Chief Executive Officer, Rick. A. Smith, decided to make a press release that was posted on PR Newswire. He challenged GTL to a competition where a neutral independent judge would compare both companies.


The judge would be judging on four criteria with the first being customer service. According to Securus, GTL would never win in the competition. They already have built the biggest and most technologically advanced call center. Also, they have acquires thousands of customer service agents. This is all while GTL is still outsourcing its customer service function.


Other criteria that will be used, if GTL accepts the invite to a bake off, will include the extent of customer telephone communication technology, platform efficiency in terms of capital and costs and the number of products included in the portfolios of both companies.



Kim Dao’s Lifestyle and Beauty Tricks to Help you Keep out the Cold

What started out as a simple recording of a trip to Japan eventually led to a full-blown blogging-based career for Kim Dao. Kim blogged about the trip and documented it online, and the response motivated her to deliver more. Today, Kim Dao is a top blogger, YouTuber and social media expert on travel, fashion, and beauty with millions of followers.



As an excellent communicator, Kim Dao leverages the power of social media and technology to grow her followers. This has attracted the attention of several mainstream brands she now works with such as Amore Pacific, Liz Lisa, and numerous others. She uses interactions with her audience to focus on topics that enable her to grow her social media following rapidly. She has also been featured on television, print and digital media in Japan and Australia.



Kim Dao’s lifestyle topics are engaging and passionate, for instance, did you know that your skin gets drier during winter? In addition to keeping hydrated, use a moisturizing product on your skin to prevent unnecessary dryness which adds to the discomfort induced by the cold weather. Thermal wear, a cutting edge technology fashion wear that traps body heat within the fabric air fibers, is also a comfortable and easy way to keep your body from losing heat during cold weather.



Tired of the cold? Check out Kim Dao’s YouTube channel for inspired lifestyle, beauty and fashion tips such as here for ingenious ways to take care of the cold without breaking the bank or trading your daily comfort. Did you know that your exposed hands increase your chances of feeling cold? Luckily, products such as hand-warmers and moisturizing hand lotion are perfect for that. Leave the bulky, uncomfortable gloves at home. Follow Kim, and see exactly which products she uses and get expert advice on how to get the best value out of them.

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Water Quality Statement Issued by Squaw Valley for the Upper Mountain

After a recent issue with the water quality of the Squaw Valley, California upper mountain area, Squaw Valley issued a statement regarding the testing and remediation being performed at the site.


The detection of E. coli and coliform bacteria in the drinking water of the upper mountain. Wesely Nicks, the current director of Placer County Environmental Health stated that the water has been treated regularly since the report was made. Since then, testing has shown that none of the four wells used in the area currently have no E. coli, however three of the wells are showing low levels of coliform bacteria. Both coliform bacteria and E.coli can pose threats to humans at certain levels.


Restaurants in the area have been closed and will remain so until the issue is resolved. People in the area have been warned to not drink the water, however, no health issues have been reported to date. The ski resort remains open for skiing. skiers and visitors to both High Camp and Gold Coast within the resort are being given free bottled water and continued access to all facilities until the water quality improves.


According to the statement, it appears a rain storm that was larger than normal caused the water system to become overwhelmed and the contamination occurred. The event was limited to a single water system, one of several systems. None of the others were affected. The Squaw Valley Public Service District, as well as Placer County, are continuing to cooperate in order to resolve the issue quickly and safely.



The Perceptible Passion for Invention and Culture of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the current Global CEO for CP+B. While accepting her position in the company in 2015,Lori said that she felt greatly honored to have the opportunity to work alongside Chuck Porter and the entire leadership team of CP+B. She further expressed her longing to play a huge role in the Agency’s international growth through collaborated effort with the exceptional talent in all the offices.

According to huffingtonpost.com, her primary duty entails overseeing the global growth and expansion of the company by managing the coordination of the company’s nine international offices. Her tremendous contributions to the business and its culture are evident. In less than two years, Senecal has beat the odds to create an inventive, collaborative, and agile modern global agency able to offer consistency across the globe, and still maintain a stable flair in its local market.

Among the things that make her stand out as a leader is her admirable focus on talent. Her perception of the employees and how they should be engaged within an organisation has contributed significantly to the success being witnessed in CP+B.

The talented Global CEO gives employees the opportunity to spread their wings by encouraging them to invent the career they dream of. Her strong desire to stimulate invention and culture has driven her to support and even incubate numerous passion projects as well as start-ups promoted by employees. She makes use of the CP+B’s invention competitions to inspire and offer incentives across the Agency. Recently (2014), Advertising Age recognised Lori in its list of Creativity Innovators of the Year and named her, alongside other three people, as one of the 2016’s Agency Executives to Watch.

On a regular basis, Lori offers industry and leadership insights through T.V appearances, op-eds, award juries and other speaking engagements. She is the founder of Isaac+ Award that celebrates students’ invention.

Lori’s advice for women who want to make it big in the marketing career;

  • They must display empathy and respect for the consumers
  • They must learn to trust and act on their strong instincts
  • They must exhibit the capacity to believe in the power of a big idea to assist their brands and firms to stand out from the rest.

View Lori Senecal’s full bio on crunchbase.com.

Reference: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/24/business/lori-senecal-on-coaching-when-the-bar-is-high.html?_r=1







Give Your Lips All Natural Coverage With EOS Lip Balm Products

There are thousands of lip balm products on the market, so, how do you choose? If you want your lips to retain their youthful natural luster, there is a great lip balm product that is being used by thousands of people around the world. Thousands of people are choosing the new EOS lip balm products to saturate their lips with all natural shea butter and jojoba oil that leaves their skin feeling silky smooth. These ingredients have been used for centuries and have been known to repair the skin. In fact, a recent Facebook article did a report on EOS and noted that it is chosen by far over other lip care products including Chapstick.

Why Choose Evolution Of Smooth?

Evolution of Smooth is revolutionizing the way thousands of women are moisturizing their lips. They are packed with all natural ingredients that are hypoallergenic and cruelty free. High end entertainers like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus back the Evolution of Smooth name. They can be seen taking their pastel containers out of their purse before they hit the red carpet. Evolution of Smooth offers unique color packaging that makes their products easy to identify. You also have a selection of many delectable flavors that you will crave over other products in the industry.

Evolution Of Smooth Delectables

– Strawberry

– Mint Kisser

– Original EOS

– Blueberry Sorbet

– Acai

– Almond Milk

and much more…


No other products in the industry offer the flavors that are created by Evolution of Smooth. They make your lip balm fun, all natural, with a wonderful fragrance. You get a unique mixture of flavor and moisture that will leave your lips ultra smooth and looking youthful. The products are sold by retailers like Target and Walmart. Learn more about Evolution of Smooth from the exclusive evolutionofsmooth website.

Jason Hope and His Views on Technology

Jason Hope is an extraordinary person who holds several titles including entrepreneur, philanthropist and an investor. Over the years, his work is proof that he has a great love for technology and giving back to others. An Arizona native, Hope is a graduate of Arizona State University where he earned a MBA from their W.P Cary School of Business. Jason Hope’s work has had a tremendous impact on the world of technology, and many business are stronger because of his philanthropic efforts.

Jason Hope is focused on studying technology its framework specifically the internet. Hope works a variety of businesses and inventors to help put together a plan that can technological potentials. Jason Hope believes that technology holds the key to improving our lives and making us more productive. Perhaps even better it can profitable.

Jason Hope is a firm believer in the internet. He doesn’t believe it’s going anywhere. He has often referenced technology of the past few years and noted how unrecognizable it is today. It’s constantly changing and evolving. He believe the internet will even play a bigger role in our lives in the future. He firmly believes businesses should be investing in technology to reduce future risks.

Jason Hope’s philanthropy is far extending. Hope is a strong supporter of the SENS Foundation. This is an organization that examines aging and diseases of all kinds from a different viewpoint than traditional modern medicine does. SENS takes a preventative approach looking to see how diseases can be prevented from ever occurring as opposed to looking at getting rid of just the symptoms of chronic diseases such as Alzheimer disease or lung disease, like modern medicine does. SENS also focuses on improving quality of live, an idea that Hope himself is a firm supporter of. He really is encouraged by the fact that organizations like SENS are not afraid to challenge the traditional schools of thought regarding health and medicine.

Jason Hope is changing the way we view technology. He is a person focused not only on what’s going on today but also what’s coming in the future. He continues to open and change many minds about the future of the technology world.

Click here to read more of Jason Hope’s predictions for the future of technology.


Personal Branding Can Have A Big Impact On Your Online Reputation

The practice of personal branding has become quite commonplace in recent years. According to a current online article, the whole process of personal branding has become more of a social and professional requirement than just a competitive advantage.

When you engage in personal branding, you’re creating more of an online presence, which means you have to be careful about what types of information get published. Inappropriate information can create the wrong image, and damage your online reputation.

In the article that I just read, the author lists some of the most common personal branding mistakes that people make. These mistakes are all preventable, and by exercising a little bit of effort, you can help to maintain your own good online reputation.

Some people mistakenly think that personal branding does not pertain to them. Whether you’re a high school senior trying to find a college to attend, or an experienced executive looking for new employment, in today’s world, you basically need to market yourself.

If you are branding yourself online, it’s very important that any information about yourself has to be accurate. If you pretend to be someone or something other than your true self, chances are good that the truth will be discovered later.

Just as preventive maintenance can help to keep machines in good overall shape, preventive management of your online reputation can help to prevent negative situations from arising.

It takes time to develop and/or develop a good online reputation. The average person needs to see a name or image five to seven times to remember a brand, and there’s a lot of competing content out there.

An effective way to maintain a good online reputation is to publish as much positive-oriented material as possible. Do not focus on attracting lots of phony friends on social media sites. You’re much better off developing a smaller group of loyal followers.

Fabletics Success Story

Succeeding in the fashion e-commerce industry is not a walk in the park. However, Fabletics, led by Kate Hudson is doing very well. The two hundred and fifty million business has grown significantly in the last three years. The activewear company uses a unique subscription method to sell its products to consumers in different parts of the globe.


Fabletics understands that the modern consumers prefer the brands that are very inspirational. These individuals need brands that push them a little. The convenience and membership services offered by Fabletics makes it one of the leaders in the market. In the past, high-value brands were defined by the quality of the services or products and the price. However, this is no longer the case. This combination does not guarantee the success of a brand in the current shift in the economy. People are now considering things like customer experience, last mile services, brand recognition and exclusive designs.


Fabletics has registered a high number of sales in the recent past because of the strategies it uses. The company’s greatest secret is building a brand that is modern and acceptable to the consumer. The physical stores in the enterprise are different in the following ways:


The company encourage reverse showrooming

Most of the legacy brands in the fashion industry are registering losses by showrooming. The customers browse offline, but they choose to buy cheap items in other places. Fabletics uses the reverse model since it started out. The company focuses on navigating into positives. The institution could have chosen to become the pop-up store, but they picked a strategy that enabled them to build strong relationships, getting to know the local markets and be relied on. This means that most of the clients who walk in the Fabletics stores to shop are already members. Only a few members become members when they enter the stores.


Online data is relevant in the retail strategy, but its success is not as a result of the data

This company has been in the market for a very short time, but it already understands that showing the consumer the right content in the physical and also in digital is crucial if they want to do well. The company uses local online data to understand the preferences, and this means that the physical stores are supposed to stock products that appeal to the customers. The stores in the institution are stocked with items according to the membership preference, especially for the local members.


Fabletics growth is due to focus on people, accessibility, and culture

The fashion company has faced its fair share of challenges in the past, but it has evolved and moved to better and greater territories. The institution has managed to do this by balancing the lifestyle, customer experience, and consumer education, and this seems to be paying off. The team of experts in the company has a lot of expertise and experience in creating fashion brands, and they always look at the consumer preferences when designing their items. This has led to the growth of the organization.